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Caparezza, Italian Rapper-Intermediate #8-Italian Podcast

Welcome back to the Italian Podcast, which uses authentic content to learn Italian in a natural way. You can find the transcript of this episode on the website or in the description of this episode, in the application you use to listen to the podcast on your phone.

My name is David, in today’s show I decided to talk about music, talk about an artist It’s very close to my heart (Close to my heart) This is called Caparezza. Caparezza is an Apulian rapper (he is from Puglia), almost 44 years old-besides that, in a few days, he will be 44 years old He is no longer a young man (He is no longer a little boy)He is a rapper, but his style is very different from most other mainstream rappers, so he is an atypical rapper. I declare (Let me start) I am not a expert (expert) Rap, to be honest, I don’t like rap as a type of music. I prefer other genres such as rock and metal, different genres… Rap ​​is not my favorite genre, even though I have listened to some Italian and foreign artists. It is also because Caparezza is an atypical rapper, different from most other rappers, so I like him very much. It stands out (He stands out) From other people-or if not everyone (because, as I said, I don’t know much about rap) from Overwhelming majority (Overwhelming majority) among them. How does Caparezza stand out from other rappers?

Well, first of all, it’s the music genre, because Caparezza widely used (frequently used) Electric guitar, different instruments, different sounds (sound), Different styles.Many times, in fact, there are electric guitars, so music has Rock pollution (Rock influence). But it’s not just rock, because some songs come from the 80s, 70s, 60s; Caparezza experiment (experiment) He has many styles of music, which is something I like, because every time I listen to his new record I don’t know what will happen (I don’t know what will happen) From his songs. From a musical point of view, every song is a real surprise.

The second reason that sets him apart from most other rappers is Topics dealt withyou (Topics covered) In his song. Because there are often clichés in rap, the three main clichés are sex, drugs and money.Caparezza Alienate yourself (keep away) Separate from these themes as much as possible and deal with completely different themes. It’s hard to say what you are talking about because it really is about anything.In his song reference (reference) Literature, culture, music, film reference materials (and the film), it can talk about politics, it can talk about myths, it can talk about many things.Think about its sixth and second last (second last) The album is a conceptual album based on works of art, painting (painting). The inspiration for each song comes from a painting, from which he starts to talk about other things. This is something I think at least no other rapper in Italy has done. Very creative stuff.It’s not easy Master all reference materials (Master all reference materials) Appeared in his songs because you must have a great culture to do this. At first glance, a small part was caught—at least I caught a small part of what Caparezza mentioned in the song lyrics.Only by searching on the Internet, or using e.g. websites, A member of the community explained each lyrics (Song lines).. Only in this way (This is the only way) You can master all the quotes inserted or hidden in the text of a song. There are indeed many quotes.


The third point is timbre, the voice that Caparezza uses when singing, Vocal tone (Voice, human voice), This is annoying for some people, I think that’s it intention (intention) di Caparezza when he decided to sing in this way.This is a unique stamp. In fact, many people don’t like it, but it’s his trademark (trademark), Just say. In this regard, I think it will be easier for you to listen to an excerpt of his song. If you understand very little or don’t know anything, don’t worry, because even for us Italians, it is difficult to understand the text because the language is complicated and there are many references that cannot be understood immediately. VoltI I will reproduce extract (I will play an excerpt) From the film”Mica Van Gogh“This belongs to the concept album I’m talking about, based on art, based on painting. In this work, Caparezza compares Van Gogh, who is considered a lunatic, with modern men or boys, and shows how the latter is (the latter) Crazy than Van Gogh.
listen well!

before Scold Van Gogh crazy (Swearing Van Gogh crazy) Know he is balcony (balcony), tu first floor
Before talking about it Absent-minded (In his mind), Draw me a picture with paper and crayons
Van Gogh, not the person there, but someone your age, Emile Zola’s book
Shakespeare In the rope (Familiar, right in his alley)
Dickens in the rope
you read manual (User Guide) DVD burner
He, three hundred letters, Fine Literature (Excellent literary works)
You, one hundred and sixty characters, two Smiley (Smiley face), beautiful (that’s all)
Him, London, Paris, Antwerp
You, big store, super, multiplex
He, alienated but knows his brother Teo
you, I live with (Living together) You don’t know anything about your brother
He crosses the field and stimulates him
you, Locked up by cramps (Trapped by cramps) On the treadmill
Excellent, From preliminary estimates (Preliminary estimates) My dear boy
you should belong (agree) that
You are crazy
Mica (non) Van Gogh
You are crazy
Mica Van Gogh

So this is the first Section (poetry) “Mica Van Gogh”.I am not going to explain to you Sentence by sentence (Line by line) The meaning of this verse, even if I can do it in a later episode. Take a song to explain the meaning of each section of the song, maybe explain some of the expressions contained in the song, these expressions may be very complicated in language for foreigners learning Italian, which may be an interesting idea.

But this is not what I want to do in this podcast, because It will come too long (Will be too long) I just want to give you an idea about who Caparezza is and its style (even if it’s hard to talk about style, because each song has its own style) and make you feel like it’s singing, simply explain that Caparezza is Who is.

I decided to tell you about him One (Best to say: First of all, first of all) Because he is one of the few Italian artists I have ever heard; to be honest, I don’t listen to much Italian music.Sometimes foreigners ask me Suggest (recommend) I don’t have Italian music, because I don’t listen to a lot of Italian music, and I hardly listen to Italian pop music. Caparezza is one of the few Italian artists I have heard of.

The second reason is because the seventh album “Prisoner Seven Nine” has just been released.Title and song Fall into (Components) A very interesting concept album, as I said Caparezza section (dare) Do many things that other artists don’t do. In the rap world, I would say that he is unique in this respect. Caparezza will also play in Turin in early December, and I will visit him. I went to see it a few years ago and I really liked it.

Finally, I will let you hear another excerpt sheet (song= Song) I really like it, I think many Italians have heard a single. There is also this one from the 2014 album “Museica”, which is basically about painting.This work is called “I can’t afford it”, this work is Switch to radio (Broadcast on the radio) for a while. Also in this case, you will find a transcript of an excerpt from the work. Don’t worry, I’ll say it again, if you know little or no understanding, don’t worry, because this is absolutely normal. The language is not simple at all.It’s nice to say this is the first quarter “I can not afford it” Caparezza.


As a doctor, I can’t get tattoos on my face, I can not afford it (I can not afford it)
As a woman, I have game (hair) On my legs and arms, I can’t afford
When i pass Anta (After 40 years old, forty, fifty, etc.) I put on my belly (I am getting fatter), I leave my hair On the comb (On the comb)
I think Try with you (Beat you), But I have a reptile face, I can’t afford it
I can’t afford a pension like a senator
I can’t afford to skip dinner tonight
By the way, a few months passed, but I didn’t set (obtain) Not at all, buddy
The Rome of the Seven Kings is better than the future created Cloth bench (Peekaboo!)
I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it
I can’t afford it… so I tell you no!

I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it
B I don’t have to think about it (I don’t have to think about it), I tell you clearly,
I can’t afford it… so I tell you no!

Thank you for listening to the Italian podcast. You can find the transcript of the episode in the podcast application used to listen to the episode or in the episode description on the website. Thanks again and see you next time.


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