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Nostalgia (Learning Subjunctive Text)-Intermediate #37-Italian Podcast

Hi David, everyone,

I like this episode. I find that the idea of ​​doing something interesting is not doing it now, but because of doing it and thinking about it nostalgic. Very philosophical, isn’t it?

This also reminds me of the not-so-good experience, even when the holiday is not going well, despite being in a beautiful place, the situation is not ideal. Do you understand me? But think about it in the nostalgia, years later, slightly negative things, pressure, etc. You will never hear it anymore, your memory is changing (!), adapting to a more important theme now, namely in this very beautiful place, general travel, etc.

In other words, we are falsifying our identity by combining some useful aspects of our past, which is what we want to be now and in the future.


Regards, Italian podcast producer!


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