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New puppy grooming: prepare your dog!Beauty

If your new puppies have not been professionally groomed for the first time, it may be a good idea to prepare for them in advance. After all, the way the first puppy grooming session is conducted is the key to how your dog will handle all future grooming.

If they find this kind of experience scary, they will probably also think all future courses are scary. Therefore, the key is that we have to show them that being modified is a good thing and will bring a lot of rewards and hospitality! In this article, I will explain how to prepare your puppies for the first professional grooming course and why Groomit is your best choice.

Prepare for your first puppy grooming

Since grooming involves a lot of contact and processing, getting your puppy used to this is your top priority. To do this, frequently touch areas that your pet groomer may need to pay attention to, such as belly, paws, nails, ears, and inner thighs.

You can also make your puppy get used to being petted. Gently placing them on the table and in the bathtub or sink (with a shallow amount of water) can be a good way to teach them to accept our beautician’s treatment.

With all of the above training techniques, be sure to reward good behavior. This shows your puppy that grooming will bring good things!

For your first grooming appointment, we recommend that your puppy is about 12-16 weeks old. During this time, your puppy should be eager to try new things. This is the best time to leave a good lasting impression. We require your puppy to fully receive all vaccinations, so please make sure you take care of this too!

Finally, I often mention puppies in this article, but all of the above applies to elderly dogs that have never experienced professional grooming, such as rescue dogs. The only difference is that you should treat such dogs more slowly because they may be more cautious and fearful.

We have nothing to worry about; our professional groomers are well-trained in rescuing grooming and dealing with terrible puppies!

What happens on the first Groomit date!

Our service is very suitable for the first grooming of new dogs! After all, our grooming is carried out in your home, where your puppy is most comfortable. Unlike many other traditional beauty businesses, you can always be with them for encouragement.

Since our professional beauticians need to perform their magic in your home, you can help us beautify by setting up a space. The bathtub is suitable for most dogs, while the sink is suitable for toy breeds. Preparing the table can also help us a lot, and there are some towels to dry.

It is very easy to make an appointment through our app. When your dog gets used to this process, it can help you keep the previous puppy grooming appointments simple. You can also let our groomer know that this is your puppy’s first time. They will be happy to take your time and provide your dog with plenty of encouragement and kindness!

Like your beautician? You can set them as your favorite so that they can also be your beautician for future appointments. It looks like your puppy just made a new friend!

Groomit is the best choice for new puppies!

If you are looking for professional puppy or dog grooming nearby and you live in New York City, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut or Miami, then Groomit is your best choice! book now!

If we have not entered our service area, you can help us change it. We want our customers to become our owners, and we are looking to expand further in the United States. Check out our WeFunder Invest in our fast-growing company.

We hope this article will help you prepare your puppies, and we can’t wait to see them!

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