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Our impressions of San Remo (with Erika)-RST # 69-Italian Podcast

Q: Hello everyone, and welcome to Podcast Italiano, a podcast for learning through real content. My name is David, and you hear my voice very strange. There are two reasons: one is that my main microphone is broken, and he decided to commit suicide today, but this is not the main reason. The main reason is that I was sick again this winter, so I have this voice… I have a cold, so I have a very strange voice. It is also for this reason that you have seen less content recently, but most importantly, I have been writing papers. At this point, my dissertation has been published, I have told you, and the matter is over; or more precisely, I will have to discuss this issue later, but I don’t have to worry about it for now.

It seems to be talking to a person clothespin On the nose, which is a clothespin, is used to hang clothes. It looks like a clip on the nose, which is really strange. However, I would like to introduce to you the episode recorded yesterday: I was sick yesterday, I’m sorry, so the sound is more or less similar; a reflection collection not transcribed from Erika, the theme is San Remo.At first we also wanted to talk about other things, we have this plan, and then our plan To be blessed, That is, it jumped… Let’s say it didn’t go according to our plan, but I think this episode is interesting anyway, I know not everyone can understand everything we say, I know some people Actually need transcripts of these… episodes of this section. It is for this reason that on the Italian club podcast, I provided a transcript of reflections without transcription, then reflections with transcription, $9 a month, and many other bonuses, such as three-word podcasts, exclusive podcast club members . Then find the link in the description of this episode.

Then I want to talk about the real sponsor, not myself. It is italki, which is a platform for me to teach with many other teachers, a language teaching platform. Today I want to talk to you about one of the reasons that italki is a very, very good platform: when looking for a teacher, you can filter the search by putting some parameters, for example, the teacher must know it. So, for example, your language: it is useful for teachers to understand your language itself; and a second language that you may know. For example, I think of all people who knew Spanish before learning Italian. Spanish has become a second language. They speak Italian and make many mistakes that stem from their knowledge of Spanish. For example, instead of saying “I did it recently”, you say “I have been doing it”, like “he estado haciendo” in Spanish. In this way, teachers who also understand Spanish can correct your mistake by understanding the source: in my opinion, this is a very, very useful thing.

If you follow the link in the instructions, you will earn $10 in italki points on your first purchase. So, take a class, pay, and you will get a $10 bonus. This way you can better understand the service. Thanks italki, now we hear this episode.

E: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Italian podcast. Today I am in the company of David…in the company of David!

D: I’m sorry I fell asleep, I’m a little uncomfortable, Erika, maybe you can hear it in your voice.

E: Yes, we are indeed a little sick to hear your voice. what’s happenin?

Question: I have a cold, I believe I have a fever. I think I am the most sick person in the world: this is the second time I got sick this winter.

E: But this is the life of freelancers, they also work like patients, and the same is true on Sundays.

D: This is a problem, yes. We have to talk about it in the episode about the life of a freelancer.

E: But we don’t! What are we going to talk about today? Tell us a little bit.

Q: Today we will talk, we will answer some of the questions our listeners ask us on Instagram, and maybe even some questions on YouTube. I asked a question some time ago, or rather, I asked myself a question.

E: You never answered!

Q: I have never responded. Why have I not answered?

E: Well, I ask you.

Question: In fact, what many people ask for is too difficult. Or rather, they asked me to talk about topics that require a lot of research, and I am not an expert. I don’t know anything about Italian art, I don’t know anything about…

E: Okay, okay, I hope there is nothing wrong, but, in a sense, when there is a lot of content on the Internet, don’t make an episode. Maybe it’s better and the information is more detailed. So, what’s the point of putting bad things online?

D: Yes, it means something that I don’t know much about, but I do something else. The significance of this column is that we talk about what we want, but it does not require much preparation.

E: Yes, because many times when we ask questions before we start recording, we don’t have time to prepare a topic. I don’t know, Mafia or Italian history, or you, maybe we have a superficial knowledge, but accurately Said, it is impossible to talk about and explain everything to other people.

D: Exactly. Another reason is that if someone asks me a question, I only answer that person, and no one hears us, it is a conversation; the other thing is, if I speak to thousands of people: I also feel a bit responsible, I don’t want to talk nonsense. In the nearly 200 episodes of this podcast, I must have said nonsense, so…

E: So what did we choose today? Because, in the end, we choose questions that don’t require much preparation, just like a conversation between friends in a bar.

D: You chose them, Erica.

E: Yes, but I did not choose it alone. Why do you give me this responsibility? We chose them together. I want to start with a topic that has been very popular in Italy recently, which obviously caused a lot of discussion, and that is the San Remo Festival.

For the uninitiated, the San Remo Music Festival is an Italian song festival, which has been held for the 70th this year.

D: Yes, we Always together, Let’s talk about the future…

B: Yes. But to make a comment and evaluate progress, you must do it after the fact. If you think about it, you can’t do it before.

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