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Part One-Advanced #21-Italian Podcast

Therefore, under all these combined conditions, the Italians immigrated. We said that there were 29 million Italians in 120 years, so now we consider the first two waves of immigration, the immigration wave. If we consider the first wave of immigration, I find that there were 9 million Italians from 1861 to the First World War. If we still consider… The first period after the war, Which is the period after the First World War.
Who is leaving? Most of the unskilled immigrants (immigrants) have left. As we said, many farmers, many of them go… to be able to cultivate land. What are so many Italians doing? They left, went abroad, and the money they earned was sent back to their new adoption country in Italy, so that relatives and those who stayed in Italy could also buy tickets to leave.This is a very consistent and very important phenomenon in Italy. I read about this money in 1903-by the way, it’s called money transfer I have money sent back to Italy by immigrants (immigrants)-they account for 5% of Italy’s GDP. So a lot of money. Where did the Italians move from? The most important thing is from the countryside, and less from the city, even if Naples is an exception, because many people left from Naples.Already has the whole city, The whole country town is… completely themselves Sparsely populated, Who has seen their population Halved sometimes. And there were three ports, four until 1903, then three: Palermo, Naples, and Genoa. There was Venice before 1903, but since 1903, due to an approved law, ships could no longer leave Venice.

The journey is very difficult, and this is indeed an experience that each of us does not want to experience in our own lives. It lasted 2 to 4 weeks, and… it happened under bad sanitary conditions.Immigration is Stuffed, Gathered, crowded in Stiva, Which is the part of the ship, we can say.There is no sanitary measure, there is no sanitary standard, there is dirt There are unpleasant smells everywhere, with the smell of cars. I found this sentence: “The impression of disgusting disgust—”disgust” means disgust, disgust—when descending into a cargo hold—to be precise, the lower part of the ship—the immigrants slept. The place is like this, once, it will never be forgotten”. Very bad conditions, a long journey, and by the way, many people died there, so not everyone arrived.
But it was the great improvements in transatlantic technology in the 19th century that made these long-distance travel possible. Border crossing, We say, “crossings” means “cross-ocean voyage”, which allows you to reach the New World or even Australia. To be honest, the price is not too expensive. Of course, the Italians who left are very poor, but there is still enough money to buy this ticket to leave. Besides, I read that for many people in southern Italy, going to America is cheaper than going to France by train. Therefore, it would be cheaper to travel across the ocean by boat.

As we said, the two main destinations—or main destinations—are the Americas, North and South America, mainly Argentina, the United States, and Brazil. Let me first talk about immigration to North America. From 1880 to 1915, 4 million Italians went to North America, and 70% of Italians who left during these 45 years-which is strange-came from the South.They left because the United States opened the door to immigration in 1880 and they needed it laborHe needs people to work because the country is in the midst of capitalist development.I think it should be, but I don’t know enough. I admit, I think it should be… this kind of immigration opening is due to the abolition of the United States. Slavery, So you may need manpower to work. However, over time, the climate has changed.If the United States supported immigration in 1880, then this has changed. The attitude towards many arriving people and many arriving Italians has changed a lot. It has become an attitude of intolerance, racism and prejudice towards Italians. They are effectively regarded as… not black, nor white, they are called white black, which makes us understand intolerance winding In society at the time, as the newspaper said, really, They ride This general intolerance.

If you are from the United States, you must know that the name of the island is Ellis Island. This is an island near New York in New York City. Italian immigrants arrived there and underwent strict inspections because they were believed to be carrying various diseases. Usually, among other things, they are filed by writing “white?” With a question mark. This shows that, in fact, the Italians who arrived are not really white, but also because their skin is often slightly darker.
Italians are Malvesti, Italians live in an apartment Overcrowded, Crowded in apartments with poor sanitation, they are considered animals carrying patients, they are very dirty and dressed rag, In other words, wearing very bad clothes, wearing very temporary clothes.

In order to let everyone understand the attitude of Italians towards Italians, this is an editorial in The Times in 1882. I read it in English and then I translate it to those who may not know it well.
“Since the founding of New York, the immigrants who have flowed here have never been as lowly and ignorant as the southern Italians who crowded our docks in the past year.”
This means: “Since the founding of New York, there has never been an immigrant as low-level ignorance as southern Italy and southern Italy, who collectively arrived at our port last year.”
It also reserved less positive words for Italian children and immigrants.They are said “Completely inappropriate”, Therefore not suitable “The clothes are ragged and dirty, just like them.”, So “the clothes are ragged and sick”, “Public elementary school placed among the decent children of American mechanics”“Actually, it is not suitable for children who are placed in elementary schools, such as the dignified and decent American mechanic children.” So here, the Italians performed very badly.

And there have also been various violent incidents against Italians.The most famous is Lynching New Orleans. It was the 1891 incident in which 11 Italians were lynched and then killed. Almost all Sicilians were accused of killing the city police chief in New Orleans. Many Italians live in New Orleans, and there are 30,000 Italians out of a population of 274,000, so in fact the percentage of Italians is very high and the racism towards them is also high. what happened? Violent clashes between two Italian families resulted in the death of the New Orleans Sheriff. They were then tried and actually arrested 19 Italians first, including those arrested. Has nothing to do with the facts, In other words, they had nothing to do with them and were interrogated by physical violence, and then deal with. Of these 19 Italians, 11 Italians are defendant, Or be charged, accused of directly participating in the murder.8 of these 11 are Acquitted, then did nothing. Nothing happened to him. People feel betrayed, they think it’s not a correct decision, a correct decision, they decide, sometimes happens, to do justice for themselves, or more precisely, it happened in the past, especially. In this atmosphere, the Mayor of New Orleans defines Italians as “the despicable people” Or, let us say, the lowest, most despicable, most shameless, “the laziest, most depraved, most violent, and least worthy person in the world, worse than blacks and less popular than Poles.” In this atmosphere, thousands of people—among other things, not the poor, not the humble, but the bourgeoisie, and therefore the rich—go to the prison where prisoners are still being held and kill Killed these 11 Italian prisoners.Obviously, the Italian government He let himself hear, He complained publicly, which also led to the U.S. government apologizing, condemning what happened, and then let us say that it also set up Christopher Columbus Day, “Columbus Day”, in a sense to give Italians a party, even if Cristoforo Colombo He has never been to the United States and has nothing to do with the United States, so he went to Central America. But Cristoforo Colombo Italian is also a way of organizing celebrations. It is actually a celebration to commemorate Columbus, so that Italian immigrants or immigrants can feel their national pride in a day. There are other similar incidents, such as the anarchists Nicolas and Vanzetti were killed in an electric chair with little evidence, you can read them if you are interested.
But in a sense, Italians They redeemed themselves, In other words, in a sense, they have theirs…I am not talking about revenge, but theirs, in fact, salvation, because things are much better for them.Italian They have come a long way. In 2000, the average income of Italians was $11,000 more than that of other Americans, so Italians have made considerable progress on the socio-economic level. Think about how many famous Italians (better “Italian Americans”) there are, think about New York Mayor de Blasio, or the older LaGuardia, a beloved New York mayor, The second airport in New York was set up for him, the “guard”. Thinking, I don’t know, Robert De Niro thought of Madonna, Francis Ford Coppola, Nancy Pelosi, Frank Sinatra, Martin Scorsese. There are so many Italian-Americans who have succeeded in the United States, so since the Italians were considered not real whites to carry diseases but in fact beasts, things must have changed a lot.

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