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Welcoming new cats into the family is a fun experience. However, proper care of cats requires planning and a lot of care.

One thing you might not want to do is cat grooming. If this surprises you, here are 6 other tips for new cat owners that you might overlook.

1. Go to the vet as early as possible

You may already know this, but it’s worth mentioning. Before you really need a veterinarian, find a good veterinarian. Ask friends and family about good veterinarians nearby and arrange to meet with them.

It’s best to know the veterinarian before taking your new cats there when they are sick. Meeting new people can add extra pressure to an already stressful experience.

2. Don’t underestimate cat grooming

Cat grooming is very important to the health of pets. For long-haired breeds, dehairing of cats is necessary because not grooming them can cause skin problems. It is possible to book a haircut for cats, but it is much more difficult than a haircut for dogs.

3. Clamp their paws-but not too often

Cats use their paws to climb and maintain balance; they are more important to animals than dog nails. If necessary, you can still make cat nail clippers, but not more than once a month.

A better option is to use a scratching post, as this allows your pet to keep its claws short and sharp in a natural way.

4. Empty their trash cans every day

Forgetting to empty the litter box is a mistake you will only make once or twice. High-quality cat litter will clump when wet, so one and two can be easily removed.

Every few days, be sure to completely empty it and wash the tray with soap. Do not flush cat litter into the toilet or put it in a food waste bin. It needs to enter with general garbage.

5. If you are willing to try, you can bath the cat

The stereotype that cats hate water exists for a reason. Although not every cat is like this, it is definitely a common phenomenon. But if you train them from an early age, cat bathing should be much easier.

Try not to bathe them more than once a month, because bathing cats will remove the natural oils from their fur. If they are too frequent, they may cause harm.

6. Social is important

The main social period for cats is 2-12 weeks, so be with them as much as possible. In fact, set aside some time every day to play with your cat. The more time you spend with them, the happier they will be.

in conclusion

Proper cat grooming is one of the best ways to care for a new pet. Set a clear schedule for cat hair removal and cat grooming, but if they don’t like cat bathing, don’t worry.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the health of the cat, including its appearance, and pay attention to any signs of adverse effects.

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