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Peter Dusey asked a question that surprised Jen Psaki’s Republican “funding the police” lie – RedState

Although there is a lot of evidence that the Democrats and leftists have been pushing for the cancellation of police funding over the past year, Jen Psaki and other members of the Biden team cannot stop lying.Two days ago, Psaki claimed that it was true Republican Party Deprived of Police Funds Because they voted against Joe Biden’s bloated American rescue plan. This is not even a problem for the Democratic Party, but it shows how willing they are to distort reality, as if no one will remember the whole year of the past.

But the internal polls conducted by Biden’s team must have given them very bad numbers, showing that the Democratic Party has been labeled as a matter of course. So Psaki is back today, and although he has been hit hard in the past two days, he still tries to make the same request.

Peter Doocy of Fox defeated her very simply. He asked her bluntly, “Which Republican has told you that they do not support the American rescue plan because they want to cancel funding for the police?” The answer is no. No Republican has ever called for the cancellation of police funding. But many Democrats have said, tried, and withdrew funds/services from the police.

Psaki went all out again and made crazy claims that Joe Biden had fulfilled his promise of funding the police, while the Republicans tried to cut funding for the COPs program. Of course, this is why he accepted BLM at the Democratic National Convention. That’s why he wouldn’t even name them and condemn them, and still he didn’t.

Then Psaki tried something more viscous. She said that Republicans’ failure to pass the Democratic Party’s bloated bill was the reason for the firing of police officers and the rise in crime in some cities. That’s it, what the hell is going on. The Democrats know that as the crime rate rises, they are labeled, which makes sense. This is why they are so eager to rotate. The rise in the crime rate resonated with the American people. They see what is happening, but they don’t like it. In these Democratic cities, some police officers were fired or police services were cut because the local Democrats, who were often promoted by the BLM, accepted ultra-left demands. But Psaki hopes they can get rid of the Democratic Party in some way.

Peter Dussy did not let her go unpunished, using the example of Democrats calling for the cancellation of funds to speak out to her-Rep. Corey Bush (D-MO), Rep. Ayana Presley (D-MA) ), Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN). “Actions are more important than words,” she said angrily, which is meaningless, because in addition to their words, there are many Democratic “actions” to cancel funding for the police. Doocy also pointed out how Republicans voted against the US rescue plan because of excessive government intervention, not because of any relationship with the police that Republicans have always supported than Democrats.

Psaki can spin whatever she wants. But Americans have seen everything in the past year, and they know who is to blame, not Republicans.

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