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Police union criticizes CDU poster with fake policewoman

DThe League of Police (GdP) owns CDU He was criticized for campaign posters featuring employees disguised as police officers. “Just as the police are not allowed to wear uniforms to participate in party meetings, the party should not use fake police in our equipment to advertise itself,” said Jörg Radek, deputy GdP federal chairman of the German Bild newspaper, on Wednesday.

Radek said: “We are for all citizens, not for the election plan, not even for police friends.”

Secretary General of the CDU Paul Zimck Have The election campaign of his party and the accompanying poster were released on Tuesday -Including the person who is obviously a policewoman. In addition, caregivers and roofers can also be seen.

It said that due to restrictions and hygiene standards, the photos did not take photos of any models or purchases, but worked with employees and members of the CDU. The poster should be pasted and placed when voting by mail starts in mid-August.

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