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Pope Francis is recovering well after bowel surgery

Francis Surgery was performed on Sunday for inflammation of the colon. The Vatican stated that night, the Pope had responded well to the bowel surgery at Rome’s Camellia University Hospital. Therefore, this is a “planned” operation. Prior to this, the leaders of the Catholics held the Three Bells Prayer in St. Peter’s Square as usual.

According to Italian media reports, in the afternoon, the Pope arrived at the clinic accompanied by his driver and a close colleague, and performed surgery later. The Pope will observe in the clinic for the next five days.

According to the Vatican, 84-year-old Francis suffers from narrowing caused by diverticulitis. This is because the so-called diverticulum (protrusion of the intestinal wall) sometimes causes painful inflammation and narrows the intestine.

Due to health problems, Francis had to cancel some public appearances in the past. The Argentine-born pope had a part of his lung removed due to pleurisy at the age of 21. For some time, he also suffered from sciatica and hip joint problems.

During a midday prayer in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, Francis announced that he would visit Hungary and Slovakia in September. He will celebrate the closing mass of the Eucharist in Budapest.

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