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Proponents of critical race theory just gave up the entire game-RedState

In the past few months, the struggle around the critical racial theory of school professors has begun.Parents have speak out And protested at the school board meeting, and the states have taken action to prohibit it from being included in national curricula.

As conservatives gain more and more support, many people will unexpectedly say that the narrative is beginning to change. Supporters of the CRT began to criticize publicly, claiming that they did not try to teach their racist ideology in school in the first place. In essence, their way to counter CRT opponents is to insist that there are no real problems to fight. For example, Joy Reid promotes this perspective on her low-rated MSNBC show almost every night.

However, the actions of NEA, the largest union of teachers in the United States, made the entire game wasted.

Everything in the above combat plan is either a critical racial theory or some other racial essentialism. As Rufo said, this eliminates the misconception that CRT supporters unintentionally impose their ideology on students. All statements to the contrary in the past few months have been misleading just to cancel the attack.

Actually, I wrote this idea Last month, they noticed that the left was losing the CRT war. Their next strategy was to pretend that the CRT was not a threat and try to gain the right to disengage.That’s why there is Irritated This topic is being discussed recently. This time, the conservatives caught them, they were not used to it at all. Now, CRT supporters are reorganizing and preparing to fight back together with the far-left teacher union.

This proves that every step taken to this end at the state level is correct. Some right-wingers insisted that the actions taken by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other governors were overbearing and unnecessary. After all, the school has not taught CRT yet, they claim. However, any veteran of the culture war can tell you that once the CRT enters the school, you cannot get rid of it. It is the right call to preemptively eliminate this unfree racist ideology that infects the curriculum. This is how you win these battles. Instead, sit down and wait for CRTs to become so common that they can no longer be pushed back and you lose.

This means that the struggle for rights continues. Parents must maintain pressure locally, and Republican politicians must continue to use the tools they can use. Supporters of the CRT will bring all the resources they must undertake, including biased ultra-left news media. If conservatives are to succeed in the end, they must spare no effort.

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