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Puppy Potty Training Quick Start Guide

There’s nothing like the sheer joy of a new puppy…but they can also bring so much chaos and stress.

Puppy potty training takes persistence, patience, and determination, but even experienced puppy breeders work out accidents within the first few weeks (and sometimes months) while new puppies develop new routines such as toilet procedures.

If your puppy comes from a breeder’s home, She’s probably off to a good start, as she’ll start learning potty etiquette from a professional puppy.

She grew up with her mom and older relatives, and she may have learned by example. Before she could open her eyes, she saw her mother cleaning out the spotless nesting box outside, and hurriedly picked up the dirty things of her younger siblings.

puppies from other sources, Places like puppy mills, backyard breeders, shelters, pet stores, and others may not be so lucky. Without guidance or clear boundaries, she may not appreciate the idea of ​​keeping her home clean by eliminating where appropriate.

in spite of, Underdeveloped bladder and bowel in most puppies, making it harder for them to control where they go. They are also learning to understand their body’s signals.

What’s more, as newcomers to your home, they don’t yet know how to communicate with you, where they’re supposed to potty, and how they sometimes have to wait to get out.

Puppy potty pads are a useful optional tool.

One of the first choices you have to make is whether or not your puppy will use a pad.You can use them as a puppy and gradually Transitioning from puppy pads to going outsideThis may make sense if your small dog may have to wait hours before going outside, or if they are waiting for core vaccines.

you can also Use a potty pad from an early age, even if your dog has grown. They’re not just for puppies. They are for small dogs, which seem to have more difficulty with bladder control than larger dogs.they are Useful for people who live in apartments or work long hours. They can come in handy in bad weather, or if your dog is injured or recovering from surgery.

With a crate or without a crate?

Puppies will instinctively avoid soiling their sleeping areas, so when they are in a crate they will try to control their bladder or bowel.A sort of Crates can be useful tools for potty training If your puppy has an accident while you are unable to supervise her. It also helps keep your puppy safe when she has to be left alone. A puppy in a crate can’t chew on wires, run outside when you open the door to deliver groceries or let guests in, or get in big trouble.

How many crates you want to use is up to you. You can spend the night in a crate, or if you’re a light sleeper, you might prefer to sleep in the bed with your dog so you can wake her up when she moves and take her outside or on her pad .can also Potty Training Your Puppy Without a Crate.

Teaching Your Puppy to Communicate

One of the biggest reasons novice puppy parents struggle with potty training is because they’re not sure when to take their puppy outside.

In general, you should take your puppy outside (or her pad) after eating, when she wakes upand just before bed. You can then take her outside every 1-4 hours depending on her age and potty frequency.

Taking your puppy outside often can work for a while, but it can be hard to keep up. And you’ll likely spend a lot of time outside without pooping or peeing. Sometimes your puppy will stay outside for a long time, not doing their thing, and just come in to pee or poo on the floor.

When you’re training your puppy to go outside, it’s very helpful to give your puppy a communication tool. While most dogs will eventually start sitting or scratching at the door when they need to go outside, for many puppies, this doesn’t happen naturally. Training Your Dog to Use a Potty Bell A quick, efficient way to start two-way communication that might otherwise take longer to develop.

When Potty Training Isn’t Taken

It’s not uncommon for puppy parents to give up, battling indoor accidents for most of their dog’s life.A dog may be partially potty trained, but when it’s cold or rainy outside, when their dog is left unattended, or when their dog The dog keeps going to the toilet in a certain place indoors.

Even a well-trained dog, Accidents happen from time to time。 Dogs get sick, have indigestion, drink too much water, or sometimes get overwhelmed when we’re home for too long. No dog should be expected to be 100% accident-free.

However, an accident could be a sign of a medical problem such as a urinary tract infection or an upset stomach.

Or, an adult dog may need supervision and consistency, just as they did when they were puppies, to break bad habits.

Anxiety can also complicate potty training. If your puppy has been scolded for an accident before, perhaps by a person who doesn’t understand the situation or can’t handle their frustration, they may feel the need to hide rather than communicate when they have to go to the potty.

dog seems stubborn in rain or cold – as frustrating as this can be for us – needs help and guidance in the form of buying a better winter coat, shoveling a path, going out with them with an umbrella, or even providing an indoor potty area with cushions . Compromise, people. Dogs need them too!

In short

Dogs want a clean living space, they don’t want to pee or shit in a place to relax with their family.

Potty training is easily the hardest part of raising a puppy, and the surprises are to be expected.

You can use crates, puppy pads, tether trainingand a potty bell to help the journey go smoothly.

Every puppy is different, and every family is different. It is possible to find a training method that suits your schedule, your lifestyle and your puppy’s needs. Hang in there and don’t give up!

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