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RedState supports Rep. Kevin Kiley as governor of California

The game starts and Red State Formally supports Congressman Kevin Keeley (R-Rocklin) to succeed Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) as the great governor of California.

Although this election was only the second time in California’s history (it was a victory in itself), many people expressed disappointment at the lack of depth of Republican candidates.

In order to expel Newsom, it doesn’t matter.Recall is a Simple “yes” or “no” questions. Who replaces Newsom simply counts the votes in the competition and grants the governorship to the person with the most votes in the group. This doesn’t sound inspiring, but in California politics, this is something we must cooperate with.

Until now.

On July 6, Keeley announced that he would replace Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom). Although he may not have national visibility at this time, he is definitely the most qualified-yes, the most inspiring-in the field. -candidate.

Kevin Kiley has deep roots in California. He is a native of Sacramento and has represented District 6 since 2016. Kiley is the son of a special education teacher. He himself was a high school teacher (in the Los Angeles school district). He has always been a strong supporter of the California family. COVID lockdown. The 36-year-old politician has a law degree from Yale University and a broad background as a former deputy attorney general. In 2020, he successfully sued Governor Gavin Newsom with Congressman James Gallagher because He violated the separation of powers in his brutal management during the pandemic.It’s also very noteworthy that although the legislature has consistently voted for its own salary increase-even just last month-Geely Rejected the 2021 salary increase, Pointed out that the legislature did not take any measures to earn a salary increase, while millions of Californians have suffered loss of income and school closures.

Kiley’s sincerity doesn’t stop there. He is one of the few state politicians who actively lobbied against the catastrophic AB5. The bill is also known as the “Gig Economy Act.” Despite a large number of voters, the bill destroyed millions of independent contract jobs across the state. The post now has a national version sitting in the Senate, waiting for approval (or the infrastructure bill under our noses).in case PRO Act Through it, it will bring the same damage to the “gig economy” of the entire country. The bill was designed to punish Uber and Lyft, but when these tech giants spent a lot of energy to obtain exemptions, the bill did not die out and is still in effect today. It continues to deprive Californians of the right to work for themselves as freelancers, unless they get special The exemption comes from the Sacramento gods. Kiley has always been a tireless warrior of the California working class and continues to try to abolish AB5 and collect The tragic story of Californians Those who are destroyed by this confusing and unjust law. This struggle won him the respect of California Democrats and Republicans.

Keely is one of the few California politicians who has been delivering a message since day one. Although he currently represents the 6th district, he has been called the “California State Assemblyman” and often speaks out for good governance.we are at Red State I believe Congressman Keely takes California’s best interests at heart, and he is very familiar with the resistance he will face in Sacramento. This makes him a more logical choice than other candidates, who of course have good intentions, but have no experience in our Capitol to face the unique challenges that Republican governors will surely face.

But this is another check in the “endorsement” column. Kiley is a Republican, but his enthusiasm for representing the hardworking people of California has transcended party boundaries. Although his criticism of Newsom is of course severe, lawmakers have been careful to treat his colleagues in Sacramento as such—colleagues rather than enemies of the party. He chose to attack ideas rather than political parties or people. This makes Kiley a very attractive candidate, in a true blue state.

Keeley’s background is full of reasons to support him as governor, including important work in the fields of civil rights and criminal justice reform. Some highlights:

  • Every year, the legislator’s daily allowance allowed by the legislator is rejected because it denies the annual income of more than $40,000 per year.
  • The prosecution of the trade theft case of Huawei Technologies Co. has become the driving force for the federal investigation of the Chinese technology giant.
  • Volunteer for unpaid work, especially for a non-English-speaking California immigrant who was deceived by a car dealer and won.
  • Bills have been drafted to protect freedom of speech, protect victims of sexual assault from the abuser, and provide greater accountability and transparency in incidents of police use of force.
  • Support school selection.
  • Introduce a bill to monitor the “safe and beneficial” development of artificial intelligence.
  • Introduce legislation to end special allowances for legislators, such as a private DMV office dedicated to Sacramento staff and legislators

Kevin Kiley has proven that he has a resume and the courage to serve as governor. His biggest challenge will be to gain local and national visibility.We are here Red State Recognize that this race of governors is unique because of its national influence. We believe that Congressman Keely has the right experience, attitude, and vitality to lead the state to create a better era for all Californians, regardless of their political party or ideology.

For all these and more reasons Red State, Led by our star team of writers in California, officially supported Congressman Kevin Keeley as the governor of California.

The recall election will be held on September 14.If you want to support Mr. Kiley and his efforts or learn more about his background, please visit his website Keeley, California.

*Follow Kevin Kiley on Twitter @KevinKileyCA.

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