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Refreshing and fashionable summer tops match everything

Does anyone else think they blinked and it is the end of June? I can’t believe how fast this summer has passed. With more and more events and opportunities going out, the days seem to pass by in a flash. I just had the opportunity to escape from New York for a week, and then went to Miami to enjoy the sun and summer fun. When I was packing my suitcase, I started thinking about multi-functional items that could be matched with a variety of clothes, and came up with the idea for this blog post. Today I want to share some light and fashionable summer tops, which can match almost everything.

If you don’t have the right ingredients, it is not easy to put the look together. Maybe you bought a killer miniskirt, some trendy Bermuda pants or a trendy high-waisted pants, and then realized that you have nothing to match. This is the edge of fashion, no fun. Here are some summer tops you can put in your closet to make sure you can always put a cute and fashionable dress together. If you want, these tops will help you maintain a storeroom-style storage room (I think this is called a closet).

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