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Kairuipu B110-600mm LED Sensor Cabinet Light Reviews

Review – How to add lighting to a closet or cabinet without hiring a contractor or electrician? Matched with Kairuip B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light. Let’s see.

what is it?

Kairuipu B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light is a wireless LED strip.

What’s in the box?

  • Kairuip B110-600mm LED Sensor Cabinet Light
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instructions for use (all Chinese)


  • 6500K, Super bright
  • Aluminum shell
  • 24-hour infrared human body sensor + night infrared human body sensor.
  • Red: Charging is completed and the infrared human sensor is “on” for 24 hours.
  • Blue: The infrared body sensor is “on” during charging and at night.
  • Built-in UL-certified lithium battery, fast charging speed and long discharge time.
  • Size and weight: size-H600mm*W40mm*D18mm (23.63in*1.58in*0.71in), weight -0.5kg (1.1lb).

Design and features

Kairuipu B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light is a product with simple functions-to illuminate dark areas.

The best feature of this light strip is that it has a peelable and sticky adhesive, so you can stick it to the ceiling or under the cabinet without removing the drill bit.

It also does not need a socket to power it, because it has its own built-in rechargeable battery.

The battery is charged through the micro USB port at the end. I don’t think anyone told them it’s time to update to USB-C!

There is a power switch at the same end as the USB port, which doubles as a mode button.

As you can see, there is a motion sensor built into the light strip. The sensor uses PIR (Passive Infrared), when someone is about 1.5m away from the human body, it will detect the human body and automatically light up.

Kairuipu B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light has 4 lighting modes. It takes some effort to figure out the pattern, because the small folding instructions included in the box are not in English. But a quick visit to the Kai Ruipu website, I found the information I needed.

The fourth mode of the LED light makes me laugh.


The installation is just to charge the B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light of Kairuipu, and then I put it on the wire shelf in our closet.

If you decide to stick it on the ceiling or somewhere out of reach, remember some things. In fact, at some point you need to charge the battery. If it gets stuck on the ceiling, it means you will have Interesting’ trying to get the USB cable to arrive. Or at least I think so…

…Until I found out that the strip with adhesive is magnetic, which means you can install the light on the ceiling and easily retrieve it when you need to recharge it.

This even means that you can install the light on a steel surface! 🙂

which performed

Set to turn on the light when motion is detected, when one of us is still in bed but needs to be able to see things taken out of the closet, the LED strip is perfect for early morning use. With Kairuip B110-600mm LED sensor cabinet light, we only need to open the door, the light will turn on within one or two seconds, and then turn off within about 20 seconds after we close the door or no more motion is detected.

what do I like

  • No tools required for installation
  • rechargeable battery
  • Lights up when motion is detected

What will i change

Final thoughts

Kairuipu B110-600mm LED induction cabinet light is an easy-to-install LED strip, no tools, no power cord. Just charge it and stick it up. You are done.

price: $59.99
Where to buy: Kai Ruipu
source: The sample of this review is made by Kai Ruipu.

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