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SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer review

SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer

Review – In the past few months, SnapFresh has released several new products for its wireless tool series.I have reviewed their Leaf blower, drill, with hexagonal wrench-In most cases, I like them-so I will look at one more: SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer.

what is it?

This is a consumer-grade, battery-powered, cordless hedge trimmer, using the same 20V/2Ah battery as other SnapFresh tools. It comes with a protective cover and a safety switch to prevent accidents.This trimmer is made by Fast food, A brand Ningbo Bebet, A Chinese company.

What’s in the box?

  • SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer with sheath
  • Lithium-ion battery with charger
  • manual

Hardware specifications

  • Power supply: 20 volts
  • Battery: 2Ah
  • Dimensions: 36 x 7.5 x 7 inches
  • Cutting length: 22 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds (battery + 0.7 pounds)

Design and features

The design of the SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer is very similar to the design of the other tools in the series. It uses a lot of SnapFresh’s yellow-green plastic, and a black material for grip is mixed around the handle; nevertheless, it still feels strong and sturdy. The safety handle and protective cover are made of black plastic. If something breaks first, it is a safety switch because it feels a bit fragile. However, in general, it seems to be a fairly powerful tool for an entry-level trimmer.

Installation and setup

The SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer is housed in a long, bright green box. To set up, I plug the battery into the charger and then plug it in. Charging takes one hour. After completion, the red LED goes out and the green LED lights up. Then I connected the safety handle and the protective cover and used SnapFresh’s cordless drill driver to secure them in place with screws. After the battery is fully charged, I put it in it and remove the sheath.

By the way, the sheath is difficult to remove. I had to find someone to help me take it down the first time. On the positive side, this means that children are less likely to take it off and cut themselves with a trimmer. The downside is that if no one helps remove the sheath, some adults will not be able to use it. I hope it will relax a little over time. The trigger on the handle activates the trimmer, but as a safety precaution, the safety handle must also be squeezed before the trimmer works.

which performed

I used the SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer in the yard to trim some small shrubs, a big Knock Out rose, and some vines and thorns that grew behind my lot. It passed effortlessly through the small branches of my bush. In some places at the bottom, many branches gathered together. I have passed several times, but it has everything.

Similarly, for rose bushes, it can easily cut all but the thickest branches. It is easy to shape the rose when pruning. The Knock Out rose bush grows at an amazing rate, and I have to trim it often-although I usually don’t trim it so thoroughly-and the battery-powered trimmer is much faster than using my manual trimmer. Although I admire the hedge trimmer for bushes, I am most pleased with the work it does on some vines and thorns. These evil things are always trying to kill a small group of trees. Using manual trimmers and scissors to control them is a complete pain, slow and easy to stab. SnapFresh’s hedge trimmer rips them apart easily. When I cut them off, I sometimes laugh happily. I know these are not the main goals of designing this hedge trimmer, but it works very well. This is a video (1080p) showing the SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer at work:

The trimmer is light and balanced. I found it easy to hold and operate, but it does require two hands due to the safety features. Given that it is a trimmer, this may be a good thing. Even if I rotate it 90 degrees or lift it up in the air to trim things on my head, I have no problem. It is very light, partly because it is small and battery-powered. Although this makes it portable, it does limit its total power. If there are large thick bushes in the yard, you may need an electric or gas trimmer; however, it has enough power for the bushes in my yard.

what do I like

  • Quite sturdy and sturdy
  • Sufficient motivation for easy work
  • Easy to handle

What will i change

  • Make the sheath easier to take off

Final thoughts

SnapFresh cordless hedge trimmer is an entry-level, battery-powered cordless hedge trimmer. It is lightweight, easy to operate, and has enough power to complete small and medium-sized pruning tasks around the yard. It can easily share the same battery with other yards and power tools. I am very happy that SnapFresh sent me this trimmer because I am very satisfied with its performance. May the vines and thorns in my yard never know peace!

price: $84.99
Where to buy: Amazon
source: The sample of this review is made by Fast food.

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