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Relaxation of working hours rules to alleviate the shortage of truck drivers in the UK

The government will relax regulations on how long truck drivers can work this month to temporarily solve the serious shortage of qualified heavy truck (HGV) operators.

“We know that there is a shortage of HGV drivers, so I announced that starting from Monday, I will temporarily extend the working hours of drivers. On July 12, we will provide drivers and operators with flexibility to make the trip a little longer,” the Minister of Transportation, Grant Sharps, Wrote in a Twitter post. “We have increased the number of available driving tests and will consider other measures.”

Premier Foods, one of Britain’s largest food companies, called on the government last week to consider using the military to distribute merchandise.

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted many foreign workers to return to their homes during the lockdown, and new immigration control afterwards Brexit This leads to a shortage of personnel in other departments such as logistics and construction and hotels.

Industry leaders say gaps may appear on supermarket shelves this summer and the supply chain may collapse.

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