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Review our Erasmus experience (with Erika)-RST # 56-Italian Podcast

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Today (actually a few weeks ago) Erica and I summarized our Erasmus experience on this subject in the final episode (hopefully!). I will link you to previous episodes and videos dedicated to Erasmus.
Ps: This should be a video, but we decided to keep only the audio version because the video is too dark and low quality. For this reason, we talked about “video” in this episode.

Podcast episode:
#50-How did Erasmus change us? (With Erica)
#49-Erasmus for a month! (With Erica)
# 48-Life in Budapest Hostel
# 46-Let’s continue Erasmus! Expectations and fears (with Erika)

In Erasmus, Budapest!
Continue the Erasmus adventure
My new apartment in Budapest
Discover Silesia
Budapest’s Christmas Market (and my life update)
How do we view Poland
Christmas market in Wroclaw
Life in Budapest
Erika’s favorite city

Erika also wrote an article postal On Erasmus’ blog. The level is advanced, and of course excellent language practice.

Handling paperwork-doing paperwork
“Also learn to deal with strangers, for example, when you have to deal with paperwork [….] It makes you more confident in your methods”- 2:25
“The paperwork must be completed in a shorter time”-11:00

Broaden your horizons-broaden your horizons
“Because Erasmus is a project designed to broaden your horizons”-3:40

Seize the opportunity (opportunity)-seize the opportunity
[andare in Erasmus] If I have the possibility (better: have a chance) to do it again in the future, I will choose 6:50

Move somewhere permanently-move permanently to one place
Five months is not like moving to one place permanently-7:25 am

You live (life) more intensely than when you live permanently in one place and lie down 8:20
Erika also uses the verb “viversela” (meaning life) at 33:40
“You can’t live so peacefully (if you don’t have a scholarship)”

Adagiarsi-make yourself comfortable, sit down (under certain circumstances)
Look at the example above
I don’t know, I would say I am relaxed-8:25

Moscio-boring, boring
All this is stronger than life here, life is softer-11:20 am

Impagabile-priceless, priceless
Being able to see the blue sky outside of the cold is priceless, and it has a great influence on mood-14:05

Arzillo – lively and lively (for the elderly – vecchietto arzillo)
If the sun comes in (through the window), you will be more lively and awake-15:05

Loser-lame (for one person: loser-that person is the loser)
I thought it was a rather unlucky city 16:50

Branch-branch, branch
There is this (organization), and then there are various branches-6:15 PM

Keep the rhythm-keep the rhythm
I don’t want to follow that rhythm-8:28 in the evening
I don’t know how they feel at this rate-10.05 at night

Scene-reduce, reduce, weaken
Then maybe things will get worse, but some people even drink heavily throughout the year-21:05

Ask someone something-ask someone a question, ask someone to explain
Nobody asks what you do-8.30 in the evening

This is not suitable for me (or you, him, etc.)-not suitable for me
This lifestyle is not for you-23:50

They do it because they are younger and carefree-25:28

Fail to meet (someone’s) expectations
One thing that disappointed me was…-29:00

Fare gruppo con qualcuno – be sociable, be friends and team up with someoneAt the beginning he was grouped with everyone-29:15
Obviously, they have been grouped-29:45

Don’t render-poor results (about something literally translated into another language)
Also because maybe they can’t render in English, they won’t make you laugh-30:35

Cultural heritage-cultural heritage
It is certainly beneficial to have the same cultural heritage 31:05

(Psychological) Mode-Mood
It takes you out of the usual patterns you are used to-32:30

Non essere rose e fiori – not to be a bed of roses (not everything is perfect)
Not that everything went smoothly-34:15

Keep up-keep up
Can’t keep up for a while, it’s easy to be left out-36:15

See you-give up halfway
Try to connect with other people-36:35

Break someone-annoy someone
We have broken up with the topic of Erasmus for a few months-38:20

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