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Sing in the choir (with my mom!)-Advanced #12-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to Podcast Italiano, in the new premium episode. I was fortunate to introduce you to my mother for the first time, and she will tell you about her long-term experience as a singer in the choir. As usual, on, you will find the transcript of the episode, which contains the English translations of the most difficult words.
listen well!

Since childhood mine (my parents) They told me i have one Loud voice (Sharp and piercing voice). I just took the first step and have already Butcher My neighbor nicknamed me “la Callas” (a famous opera singer in the 50s and 60s). In kindergarten (In kindergarten) one nun (nun) It has been noticed that I am a “little girl who sings well”, so I was selected to participate in the choir to commemorateSuperintendent (Inspector), Important people in the school.In primary No interval Without my singing (I don’t sing for a day) Participated in the latest success of Zecchino d’oro (Italian Children’s Singing Competition) with her companions.That’s it, considering my interest in music, and there is a piano that belongs to me at home Godmother (Godmother), My 9-year-old parents asked me to take piano lessons. Desired opportunity (unfortunately) So are music teachers and pianists, especially singers. He asked me to marry me at about 15 To sing First glance (Sight singing = Sing while reading the sheet music [sheet music] No need to prepare) Together with her played Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater and her duet, she was an 18th-century Italian writer. He praised me! From that moment on, I started singing again, I never stopped, it was just interrupted for a while.
When I was about 18 years old, I participated in Parish choir (Church choir) Mass for my 10 people parish (parish), And I will continue to guide it in a short period of time.So I know a girl who will soon become a member of a true polyphonic choir It will drag you (“Drag” me in) me too! A world opened to me: polyphonic music from the 16th century to contemporary writers. I inserted the part of Soprano 2, which in the case of 5 voices, sings slightly lower notes than Soprano 1. For those who are not familiar with chorus music, other typical parts of chord chorus include midrange (lowest Female voice), tenor and bass (male voice higher and lower respectively).
Singing in a choir is very educational: you must coordinate your voice with other people, don’t act like a soloist, follow the conductor’s instructions carefully, learn your own part at home when needed, and participate Assiduously (often) All prove (rehearsal). Then there is a concert, where you test yourself, the team spirit gained through practice, combined with the skills of conducting, Largely determines its success (To a large extent determines its success).
But it feels more substantial (Satisfy) It is to hear one person’s voice and harmony superimposed on the different parts of other people’s performance: for the choir Novice (Who is a beginner) The effect can be together Shocking (Shock) (Because the risk of confusion and error is greater than ever Lurking [lurking]) And exciting (because if the note is the correct result together (Overall result) Derived from it is amazing). With experience, choirs must pay attention not only to their own voices, but also to the voices of others. other’s (other’s), Especially when they sing different parts: so that his voice is immersed in the overall harmony, his notes are no longer isolated, but gain meaning when combined with other notes, his breath adapts to the breath of other people, Because, as someone insists, “breath is already singing”.
In short, this is a satisfying experience for all ages, levels and music genres: if you are already singing in a choir, please tell us about your experience; otherwise Give us an idea! (think about it)

The last piece you heard was “White Sweet Swan” by Jacques Arcadelt, played by the Choral Academy Guido d’Arezzo, where my mother sang .If you want, you can also Video version on YouTube. I left you a link on the episode page of the website.I thank my mother for participating, and I ask you to leave a comment Apple Podcast If you like this episode. This way other people will find Italian podcasts. Or you can follow what I heard somewhere, or tell at least one person who learns Italian (if you know at least one such person) about the existence of Podcast Italiano. the last one.This helps me more than you think, because Word of mouth (Word of mouth) It is very, very effective. Thanks again and see you soon!

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