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Season 3 “Bezel and Schwartz

widthWhy does the national football player Thomas Müller have a treadmill for stallions? What does a search and rescue dog trainer need baby powder for? And where is the sea of ​​love in Bad Reichenhall? The new episode of “Bezzel & Schwarz-Die Grenzgänger” clarifies these issues and presents Bavaria in a rare way.In the third season of the des series Bavarian radio Actors Sebastian Bezzel and Simon Schwarz took their RV on a road trip through the Free State.

In the film adaptation of “Eberhof Crime Fiction” also produced by BR, Bezzel played the best friend of the village police, private detective Schwarz and Eberhofer named after the series. The crime thriller episodes titled “Dampfnudelblues” and “Leberkäsjunkie” are a terrible satire on the Bavarian province. In their documentary series, two acquaintance actors also lead the audience from one place to another in a humorous way. In the four episodes, they traveled in the south, west, north, and east of Bavaria. On the way, they stopped in towns and villages. This created a multifaceted picture of the Free State.

To become a cross-border commuter, you don’t have to cross borders in this series: the actors visit “those who abandoned their old lives and now do things completely different.” In a metaphorical sense, cross-border commuters are also dropouts, visionaries and pioneers. At the same time, Bezel, who is a Bavarian, and Schwartz, who is an Austrian, tried to overcome the long-standing Auba hatred: the “transiters” also contributed to the international understanding of Bavaria-Austria.

Heiress with junkyard

The third season hopes (and therefore can be read in BR’s announcement) focusing on topics such as environment and animal welfare, sustainability and diversity. But not all interlocutors meet these assumptions. For example, some animal rights activists may be surprised that the first episode “Bezzel & Schwarz” led to the breeding business of dressage horses.

The two visited Lisa and his wife and Thomas MullerYou, the dressage rider, and he, the national football player, run a stud farm together. In the conversation, the Muellers presented themselves as a refreshing substitute, replacing the indifferent and influential football player couple’s stereotype. As transitors, they shuttle between the charm of international professional football and the rural life of Bavaria.

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