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Simple Tea Review

I received this product for free from and I posted my honest opinion here

Who doesn’t like tea? Let me rewrite. Who doesn’t like to drink hot beverages for refreshment-whether it’s tea or coffee? I always start my day with tea. Tea gives me energy and prepares me for a new day. In today’s post, I wrote my honest review of tea on

What is simple tea?

Simplicity Teas is the loose leaf tea of ​​the Moon Club, focusing on health and wellness, providing you with new, interesting and healthy teas every month. Simplicity Teas is a local company headquartered in California, founded by Carolyn. She wrote-“The idea of ​​simple tea is based on the idea of ​​sharing the ancient wisdom behind tea and other herbs. There are many benefits, from radiant and smooth skin to optimized digestion.” This is a female-led company. It caught my attention when I first learned about it. Carolyn contacted me and after trying the tea, I wanted to share my opinions and comments. So please keep reading!

Tea details

For more information and to try their products, please visit or click HereThe subscription includes two mini cups of tea for the monthly meeting and tea friends for the monthly meeting.

Mini Two Tea Club of the Month

Contains two cups of tea each month. The original packaging comes with a reusable infuser and 15 cups of tea per month.

Tea lovers tea of ​​the club of the month

Contains 4 full-size teas, including a combination of vials and bags. The initial packaging comes with a reusable brewer and luxurious box packaging, 30-40+ cups of tea per month! #1 Seller, because of the exquisite packaging, great value for money! free shipping!

my experience

At the end of March, I packed 40 teas in a neat box. There are 4 types of tea, and 10 servings of each tea. Almond Oolong It is a digestive tea suitable for noon! Lavender Lavender Decaffeinated It is the signature flavor of Simplicity Teas! After a long day, this is the favorite mixture. Beautiful combination of berries Contains high minerals that are beneficial to skin health. Shine! It is also a good health diuretic. Love potion It is the perfect combination of dark chocolate and strawberry. Strawberries contain folic acid, manganese and potassium.

Ingredients of each tea– Love Potion contains apples, papaya, strawberries, cocoa beans, rose hips, hibiscus and cornflower petals. It contains the least amount of caffeine. Berry Beautiful contains hibiscus, rose hips, apples, strawberries and raspberry leaves, without caffeine. Decaf Lady Lavender contains decaffeinated black tea, bergamot, vanilla, lavender and orange peel. As the name suggests, it does not contain caffeine. Almond Oolong tea contains oolong tea and almond flavor, and contains caffeine. What a great variety to choose from! My favorite is the beautiful blend of berries, although I do like each one because it has a specific light aroma and flavor.

How does this work

Simplicity Teas believes that life is too short to drink bad tea! Every month you will receive a pack of handmade loose leaf tea carefully selected by tea experts for you! Each tea has a purpose, such as optimizing digestion, picking me up at noon or night tincture to help you get the best sleep in your life!

Simplicity Teas is a great gift for friends, family (or yourself!). Your first package comes with a unique reusable silicone infuser, so you can start brewing immediately. You can skip a month or cancel at any time.

Sign up now and start discovering your favorite blends for less than $10 a month! (Less than 0.50 cups!)

To place an order on Amazon, please click the link below or directly at Save 10%

Some facts

Ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction for tea lovers

• Exquisite and thoughtful production-the perfect gift!

Equipped with reusable loose leaf tea infuser

• 100% organic and 100% vegetarian.There are brewing and tasting instructions

• Combination of ice tea and hot tea-perfect for spring

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