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Since the Delta variant, the vaccination effect has been poor

In Israel confirms that Pfizer Biotech’s vaccination coronavirus According to the Ministry of Health, it has dropped significantly in recent weeks. At the same time, the ministry announced on Monday night that a more aggressive variant of Delta had spread in the country. Since June 6, the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing infections in Israel has dropped to 64%. This is also true when preventing symptomatic diseases. However, 93% of vaccines can protect against serious illness and hospitalization.

In February, the Ministry of Health announced that from Pfizer/Biological Technology Prevention of corona disease 95.8%. The incidence of symptoms such as fever and dyspnea can prevent 98% and about 99% of hospitalizations, serious illnesses and deaths.

The number of severe patients continues to increase

In Israel, despite the high vaccination rate, the number of registered new crown infections increased significantly in about two weeks.Very noisy on sunday Ministry of Health 334 people tested positive. Recently, more than 300 new coronavirus infections were discovered in a single day in early April. Most new infections are related to the Delta variant, which was originally discovered in India. Many infected people are young people.

The number of severe patients suffering from Covid-19 has increased slightly, reaching 35. For about two weeks, no deaths related to the virus have been recorded.

For Israel Become a model country due to its successful vaccination campaign In the fight against the coronavirus.Of the approximately 9.3 million residents, 5.7 million have the first vaccination 5.2 million of them have been fully vaccinated. This is equivalent to 56% of the population.

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