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Skiing (with my mom)-Advanced #13-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to Podcast Italiano, in the new premium episode. Even today, as in the last episode, I still have my mother as a guest, and she will tell about her experience in a sport, namely skiing. As usual, on, you will find the transcript of the episode, which contains English translations of the most difficult words, and I assure you that there will be some in this episode! The text is very technical, and there are many words describing body movements. According to my experience, this is an aspect of the language that is not easy to learn.
Now I leave this word to my mother. listen well!

In this episode, I want to tell you about a winter sport
A kindConner Me and my husband (My husband and I have something in common),among them We drag (We drag)When they were young, as long as they wanted, our two sons Marco and David: Cross-country skiing (Cross-country skiing).

Some places. The area where we live, Piedmont, have (Yes/Available) Vast mountainous area, western Alps, so in winter, Snow allowed (Snow is allowed), You can practice various sports, such as Alpine skiing (Alpine skiing) (Or from descent), look Ski mountaineering (Ski mountaineering), Cross-country or Nordic skiing, etc.

When i was young I tried my hand (I tried my hand) Kind of downhill skiing, or rather various Think immediately (Think of it right away) I heard about skiing.However, I never became an expert: I did not go beyond the classic beginner techniques, I did Snow plow (Snow plow), Get off, turn and brake, and I only learned Prototype (Basic, basic) Basically from some very good friends, that He taught me (I used to be my coach and taught me); Therefore, I haven’t taken any real courses.So I am very insecure, very cautious, and most importantly terrible (Scared) Come hurt me.

Cross-country skiing is less than alpine skiing. I met through a date with my future husband, who,Differentiation (unlike me), He has never practiced downhill.He is also a Self taught (Self-study). and so, At every opportunity (Once the opportunity appears), We started taking courses, correcting the settings (i.e. how to stay on the skis), learning the basic steps (involving the use of special trace (Track) On the snow), learn one bending (Turn, turn), A Want to brake (slower) To put it simply, thanks to these courses, while maintaining an amateur level, we have acquired a technique that is still in use more than 35 years later.

Some technical notes.In cross-country skiing, you can use two different types of pedals, which also require A kind ofequipment (equipment) Different: Alternating step, that is, classic technique, and sliding step.We have learned the alternative steps, except stick (Ski poles) And shoes, narrow and long skis (more than downhills), especially without Ramin (Metal edge), Which makes them very unstable and more difficult to control downhill. Due to the push of wooden sticks, alternate steps are practiced, sliding alternately on special tracks on the snow, also called tracks.Sometimes you can get out of the car to solve the problem of snowplow falling, that is to say, the tail of the snowboard opens at the back deck Close together (Hint each other) Ski gently tilt (oblique) Inward Create more friction (For better grip) With snow.

On the other hand, the skating step requires shorter skis, ankle-reaching shoes, and longer poles.It is practiced in Neat track (Smooth trajectory) No trace: usually You skate (You ski) Always push yourself with a stick in alternate steps.In both cases, the shoes are fixed to the skis by the skis attack (Binding) Only at the front: heel (heel) This is free.

There are tracks on one or both sides of all tracks for people who practice alternate steps. The area between the track pairs is reserved for sliding technique: in this way, the track is Passable (Can walk) From two types of skiers.

The routes are different, and the difficulty is indicated by different colors. They range from simple blue-green slopes with very small slopes to more difficult red-black slopes that involve more climbs and descents. challenging (Claim). Yes, if it’s still not clear, cross-country skiing is not used Ski lift (Ski lift): and so Climbing faces the strength of the legs and arms (The slope is handled with the strength of your arms and legs)!Therefore, depending on your practice style, cross-country skiing may be a very sporty sport wasteful For physics (High demands on the body); but carefully (Proceed with caution) This problem can also be solved at an older age by reducing the speed to better appreciate the landscape where the slope is located. wind: Pine cones, Larch tree (Larch Forest) electronic funds (Valley) Streams traverse, surrounded by highlands Witte (Peak).

At last, Need to spend a few words (Worth a few more words) Regarding cost. Cross-country skiing is much cheaper than downhill skiing: separate equipment (cheaper), I The cost is also reduced Magnitude (Cost reduced by an order of magnitude), Because they are not here Device (facility) And the only burden (burden) This is due to the maintenance of the slope.Unfortunately, the off-road season is shorter than the downhill season because the slope is located Reference (=altezze, height) It is lower where the snow melts faster.

In other words, whatever your winter sports preferences, you can visit the Piedmont Alps: you will find wonderful scenery, unspoilt natural scenery and food!

Thank you again for listening to this episode. As always, if you like this episode, I will ask you to comment on Apple Podcasts so that others will discover the Italian Podcast. If you have any thoughts on such episodes (even on topics my mother might talk about, why not), please write to me in the comments on this episode below. Also-I haven’t said this in a while-I remind you to follow us on Instagram, we upload mini videos with Italian explanations from time to time. That’s it, thanks for listening, see you next time! Hello there!

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