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SNP deputy leader says Scotland needs independence more than ever


Cortland “Independence is needed more than ever,” SNP deputy leader Keith Brown criticized Boris Johnson And his “nasty party”.

Mr. Brown launched a fierce attack on the Conservative Party Prime Minister Because he insisted that the Conservative Party’s attempt to reject the Scots for a second referendum would fail.

He condemned the Westminster government for the damage caused by Brexit and the plan to cut universal credit.

After the Scottish National Party won the Holyrood election for the fourth time in a row, he told his supporters that “Independence Day” is now “closer”.

At the beginning of the National Conference of the Scottish National Party, Mr. Brown told activists: “The next few months will be the most important months in Scottish history.

“Now is the time for a political party and movement to unite and prepare for the independence referendum.”

His comment was made a few days later First minister Nicola Sturgeon announced, Scottish Government The preparation of a detailed independent prospectus has resumed.

However, Mr. Brown emphasized that the reason for leaving the UK cannot be left to the Scottish government, because he urged everyone in the party to “reach out for India.”

He asked the militants to redouble their efforts and told the 120,000 members of the party that if they could persuade a hesitant voter to support them in the referendum, “our collective independence dream will not just be a big step forward. But it will be guaranteed”.

He stated in a virtual meeting that the results of the Scottish Parliament elections in May “firmly called for an independence referendum”.

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