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No opinion or lying. Only facts and knowledge are allowed.

Elected officials of the Republican Party rely on exaggerated rhetoric, reality show-style drama, lies, and conspiracy theories to cover up their lack of understanding of the Constitution and how the government works. Their deficiencies in policy, integrity, and ethics are compensated by corruption, power peddling, slogans, conspiracy theories, and hypocrisy. They rely on “show news, not facts, and create white identity anxiety among white Christians to spread fear based on race.”

False information and Republican propaganda machines are spreading in our society like malignant tumors. The TV debate is based on the knowledge of the subjects related to the Constitution and the values ​​reflected in the Statue of Liberty. Various TV networks, newspapers and social media platforms have become disseminators of false information and public opinion news that incite division and violence. Online debate programs may have the opportunity to expose congressional incompetents, conspiracy theorists, and opportunistic, unaware members of the media.

Stupid and crazy remarks made by Marjorie Taylor-Greene, predicting that she will be sensibly slaughtered by AOC in a debate;

  • “China must have produced COVID-19 in the laboratory and released it globally as a biological weapon”
  • “The elderly should resist vaccination”
  • “Jewish lasers from space sparked California wildfires
  • “As QAnon reported, congressional Democrats and celebrities formed a pedophile gang in the basement of a New York pizzeria.”
  • “Donald Trump won the election.”
  • “People with Down syndrome are “dull and stupid.”
  • “Vaccine authorization and passports violate our personal freedom.”

The stupid, crazy things that Fox’s Tucker Carlson said indicate that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddo will humiliate him intellectually.

  • “White supremacy is not a real problem in the United States.”
  • In the absence of evidence, he claimed that Congressman Adam Schiff was mentally ill.”
  • “Immigration will make this country “poorer and dirtier.”
  • “Democrats are “replace” American voters with newcomers and more obedient Third World voters
  • “It now appears that there is a major fraud in Fulton County, Georgia”
  • “From December 2020 to last month, a total of 3,362 people died as a result of COVID-19 vaccination

Because of his racism, inflammatory, misogynistic and false comments, approximately 34 advertisers on Carlson’s show were lost. Fox News is not ashamed. In order to avoid losing millions of dollars in defamation lawsuits, their legal defense openly admitted that “Carlson is not reporting facts, but exaggerating, exaggerating, and non-literal meaning.”

Senator (Dr) Rand Paul’s stupid, crazy things guarantee that he will be overthrown by Dr. Anthony Fauci in the debate;

  • “If you think you are entitled to health care, you are saying that I am your slave.”
  • “Social security needs reform, I hope it is privatization.” (Not a fan of social shows)
  • “Most masks can’t fight the new coronavirus”
  • “I have heard many tragic cases of normal children with severe mental disorders after walking, talking, and vaccinating.”

The idea of ​​debating does not mean being funny or interesting in a reality show. The prevalence of false information, conspiracy theories, and propaganda in our government, media, and social media is slowly disintegrating our democracy. Now is the time for MAGA members of Congress and the press to demonstrate through words and deeds a comprehensive understanding of our Constitution, knowledge of American history, and how the three branches of government are interconnected.

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