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Spain and France advance to the quarterfinals

DHe has played half of the 16 rounds of the European Football Championship. Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic and Belgium all qualified. Wales and Austria unexpectedly eliminated the Netherlands and European champion Portugal. right now? On this Monday, the competition for the best eight teams will continue for two games, and then the German selection team will also compete for tickets to the quarter-finals a day later.

Tobias Rabe

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First (6pm FAZ European Football Championship live broadcast, I’m ZDF And met Croatia in Spain on MagentaTV). It is a bit difficult for the Iberians to finish runner-up in Group E, and it is not without problems that the World Cup runner-up is second in Group D. What now? In the duel in Copenhagen, the roles were clearly assigned. The Spaniards have a 73.6% chance of winning, while the Croats have only 26.4%.

After (9pm FAZ European Football Championship live broadcast, On ZDF and MagentaTV) There is no doubt who will reach the quarter-finals. France won first place in the German preliminaries group, although not fully sovereign, while Switzerland advanced to Group A with the best third. Now 77.9% represent the world champions and only 22.1% represent the Swiss.

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