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Stefan Löfven re-appoints Swedish Prime Minister after a few weeks of no-confidence vote | Sweden

The Swedish parliament supported Stefan Löfven’s re-election as prime minister, and a few weeks later he became the first Swedish leader Lost vote of no confidence.

But Löfven is a former union boss who led the Social Democratic Party to power in 2014, and then pushed the party to the right after the inconclusive election in 2018, but has not yet received majority budget support and said that if he can’t do it again this fall Do so when you resign.

Under the Swedish system, as long as a majority of parliamentarians do not vote against the prime minister, they can accept the prime minister. Löfven’s nomination was passed in a 349-seat parliament with 116 votes in favor, 173 votes against, and 60 abstentions.

Speaker Andreas Nolen told the parliament after the vote: “Because less than half of the members voted against, the House approved the motion to appoint Stefan Levine as prime minister.”

The voting ended weeks of political turmoil, but Löfven faced a difficult year before the general election scheduled for September next year, and the main left and right groups in the Swedish parliament were effectively deadlocked.

Löfven’s fragile minority alliance with the Green Party was supported by the center-right Center Party and the Liberal Party, as well as the former Communist Left Party. Withdrew its support The plan to loosen rent controls on new apartments has prompted the anti-immigration Swedish Democratic Party to put forward a vote of no confidence.

He reached an agreement with the centrist party, agreeing not to abstain from him, and reached an agreement with an independent former left-wing party MP to ensure that he is nominated on Wednesday, but a single vote may upset the balance.

Ulf Kristersson, leader of the largest right-wing opposition moderate party, Tried earlier But it failed to win enough support for the new center-right government in the parliament.

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