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Sun Kissed Summer Makeup | Jesse Ann Kirby

I have been trying some new summer beauty products and want to share some products that I really like. I fully understand the hype of MERIT makeup. It is very lightweight and does not feel any on the skin. The colors are gorgeous, natural and buildable.I forgot to take the actual photo of this makeup yesterday, so I only have the one I posted in the story, but you can also see the video of the app Here. I am a big fan of any cream and sheer. I don’t want it to look or feel like I put on a lot of makeup, these products are very suitable. This is how I got this appearance (This video can help you see the steps, I want to post here so that I can share shades etc.).

Step 1. Mix a pump Saie Glowy Super Gel (Starglow) with pump Sai visor, with drunk Blephant Bronzi Drops. Apply to face.I like to use My Artis brush Blend my makeup to make it look more perfect (I used Oval 6 and 7 for this makeup).

Step 2. Apply Saie Sun Melt (Medium bronze) On the cheekbones. I like to use my Artis brush to blend and then use whatever is left over on my forehead, nose and chin.

Step 3. Apply advantage FLush balm (Beverly Hills) On the cheek. I like this product, it is very smooth, light and easy to build.

Step 4. Apply MERIT Day Glow Highlight Cream (Bounce) Above the cheekbones, eyelids, and upper lip.

Step 5. Apply MERIT complexion foundation and concealer stick under the eyes (Soup).

Step 6. Brush the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush MERIT Plumping Eyebrow Gel (Wearing blonde hair, but I need brown).

Step 7. Apply Their mascara.

Step 8. Apply MERIT tinted lip oil (natural). This is really creamy and not sticky at all!

Sun Kissed summer makeup

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