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The third attack on key witness Nabil B.

BFive shots shocked the country: The famous and respected investigative journalist Peter R. De Vries was shot and killed in the center of Amsterdam at 7:30 pm on Tuesday night. Witnesses immediately called the police, and the 64-year-old man was rescued at the scene and taken to the hospital; he was fighting for his life on Wednesday morning. The police immediately launched a search and sealed off parts of the city center. Soon after, the three were arrested. Amsterdam police said: “The gunman may be one of these suspects.”

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Political journalist based in Brussels for the EU, NATO and Benelux countries.

On Wednesday, she announced that the two men were very suspicious. The story is about a 35-year-old Polish citizen from the town of Maurik in southeastern Poland and a 21-year-old man from Rotterdam. The third man arrested has been released. It has nothing to do with behavior. Computers and ammunition were found during house searches in Maurik, Rotterdam and Thiel. The two suspects will be brought before the judge on Friday. They were arrested only a few hours after the attack on Highway 4 near Leidschendam, about 60 kilometers from Amsterdam.

Judging from all the current information on the case, the assassination attempt should be related to The Marengo trial is the largest criminal trial in the NetherlandsThis also happened in Amsterdam. The journalist de Vries, who specializes in criminal cases and is widely known for appearing on television several times, is an adviser to Nabil B., a key witness in the proceedings. Nabil B. It targeted the criminal network around Ridouan Taghi, and the authorities listed him as the most dangerous criminal in the country. It is said that several contract killings were carried out on behalf of Taghi, including the brother of the key witness in March 2018 and his lawyer Derk Wiersum in September 2019. The most recent case is the third attack on residents near Nabil B.

Peter R. de Vries 2019 in Amsterdam: he knows the danger

Peter R. de Vries 2019 in Amsterdam: he knows the danger

Picture: AFP

That night, De Vries appeared on the “RTL Boulevard” show. When he was attacked on Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, he was on his way back from the studio to the nearby parking lot. According to witness testimony, a man nearby fired five shots at the reporter; these bullets are said to have hit him in the head. Soon after, photos and videos circulated on social media showing the victim falling to the ground in a pool of blood.

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