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Tasmania, Australia, has zero Covid cases and requires masks for large outdoor events

Fans will participate in the 2021 AFL first knockout final between the Western Bulldogs and the Essendon Bombers at the University of Tasmania Stadium in Launceston, Australia on August 29, 2021.

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  • Tasmania, Australia, where there are currently zero Covid-19 cases, has introduced new mask regulations.
  • From September 18th, people who participate in indoor or outdoor activities with more than 1,000 people will need to wear masks.
  • Officials said this is a “common sense” method to stop infected people from spreading Covid-19.
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People are Tasmania, Australia, Although there are recordings in the island state, it is still necessary to wear masks in large-scale outdoor activities such as sports games Zero current Covid-19 cases.

Official Announced on friday Starting at midnight on September 18, regardless of whether vaccinated or not, outdoor and indoor activities with more than 1,000 people must wear masks.

The Governor of Tasmania, Peter Gutwein, said in a statement on Friday that if an infected person appears at an event where it is difficult to maintain social distancing, this is a “common sense method” to stop the spread of Covid-19. .

Tasmania’s Director of Public Health, Mark Veitch, said in a briefing that the requirement to wear a mask gave him and “other people who approved these activities feel some comfort, because we are taking steps to reduce the risk of large crowds. These activities can be made possible with more confidence.” The incident continues. “

He said: “As we increase vaccination coverage, we hope to be able to start incidents from here, and we hope to be able to do this in an increasingly risky environment,” he said. ABC.

Zero COVID-19 cases

According to reports, no one in Tasmania has contracted Covid-19 Status data.

The population of the state is Over 540,000, 235 Covid-19 cases and 13 deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, According to government statistics. According to government data, its infection rate is less than one-tenth that of New South Wales (where Sydney is the capital of Australia).

In the United States, where there are far more Covid-19 cases per capita than Australia, most states have no regulations on wearing masks, including large-scale outdoor activities.

In contrast, the state of New South Wales, home to the Australian capital Sydney, recorded 23,964 cases and 823 deaths during the same period. In the United States, the numbers are much higher, with more than 40.6 million cases and 654,583 deaths, According to Johns Hopkins University.

Officials also Announced on friday Health workers and anyone else who provides private or public health care (such as Ministry of Health employees) must be vaccinated. They said the goal is to vaccinate at least 80% of the population by the end of October.

Tasmania is located near the southeastern coast of Australia. Its vaccination rate ranks second among all states in Australia. It has fully vaccinated 47.8% of the population. According to national statistics.

Australia’s average is 32.6%, According to Johns Hopkins University. In contrast, about 54% of Americans Fully vaccinated.

The borders of Tasmania are still closed to certain Australian states, including New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory, but are open to the rest of Australia.

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