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Ted Cruz accuses Ron Klain of inadvertently revealing his intention to evade the Constitution on vaccine authorization – RedState

Joe Biden made it clear again that he does not care about the constitution and the legality of what he does, he only cares about getting what he wants in an amazing dictatorship effort to force about 100 million Americans to be vaccinated.he is Enforce All federal employees and all contractors who do business with the government. He is mandating any private company with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or undergo continuous testing, and he announced an emergency regulation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that will apply to approximately 80 million people. Finally, he also implemented mandatory vaccination for approximately 17 million people working in medical institutions receiving medical insurance or medical assistance.

If a private company violates this rule, it may also face fines The maximum per crime is $14,000.

But the Biden administration knows that this is legal, and they basically just acknowledge that OSHA’s efforts are to circumvent the Constitution. The frequently reported power behind the throne, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reposted MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, who posted: “OSHA’s authorization of vaxx as an emergency workplace safety rule is the ultimate solution to the federal government’s request for vaccination.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) saw this repost, and then pointed out that it shows the intention that may be considered in the upcoming federal court’s legal battle for this authorization. Klein has just intervened, which is very important. “It’s important,” Cruz wrote on Twitter. “Stupid RT from WH Chief of Staff. He said the quiet part loudly. The Biden administrators knew it might be illegal (such as a suspension of evictions), but they didn’t care.”

Cruz was referring to a moratorium on deportations, and Biden had also Basically admit He knows this is illegal, but he is using his new order to buy time until SCOTUS makes a ruling. In a ruling against the suspension, SCOTUS Block the Biden team And made it clear that they believe that Biden is using the CDC to over-expand and exert power it does not have. The court pointed out that if you allow this idea, you are basically giving the CDC unprecedented powers in almost everything.

For example, can the CDC mandate that groceries be delivered to the homes of patients or vulnerable groups for free? Are manufacturers required to provide free computers for people to work from home? Order the telecommunications company to provide free high-speed Internet services to facilitate remote work?

Excessive expansion opens the door to all kinds of abuse and control. Biden knows this, but he once again believes that even if he loses, he can blame SCOTUS and say that any ongoing virus problems are not his fault. He plays his own foundation here, but he will also seduce others, further weakening the economy and his poll numbers. But now you understand why he continued to fail—he and his chief of staff were incompetent and did not respect the law.

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