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The author of the fraudulent 1619 project rejected tenure at the University of North Carolina and transferred her greed to more fertile land – RedState

Nikole Hannah-Jones, a staff member of The New York Times, was interviewed by CBS this morning This morning It was announced that she would not accept a tenure position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill because they were just not happy to have her.

Let’s recap briefly. Nikole Hannah-Jones is a racing scammer. She earns a lot of money in The New York Times. She is a key figure in fabricating an alternative history known as Project 1619. The point of this irony is that America is slavery. This is about slavery, and even if you think it is not about slavery, you are wrong because it is about slavery. The view of American history it presents is so strange and counterfactual (according to Hannah-Jones, the American Revolution happened because the British wanted to end slavery, which was what they started doing in 1834), even leftists Historians immersed in Howard Zinn’s harmful anti-American rhetoric objected. This has not prevented educators who do not use critical racial theory at all from using the product of critical racial theory in the classroom.

In any other endeavour, the practice of trumpeting “straightforward in American history” was exposed as a fraud, which relied on the credulity of the target audience to successfully blow up in the most spectacular way, which marked a career End, not so in this case. Hannah-Jones brought the Pulitzer Prize to The New York Times, which they won in 2018 for using Steele’s files and Walter Durant’s 1932 trophy to fabricate a political scandal. Even knowing that her work has more in common with Harry Turtledove than history or news, journalism schools that wake up everywhere welcome this project. In April, the University of North Carolina granted her a tenure as the “Knight Chairman of Race and Investigative Journalism”. The university’s board of directors rejected the tenure proposal and offered a non-lifetime contract, which disturbed Apple. She was irritated. All the awake harpies on the Internet were irritated.

Her lawyer made an unfriendly voice, and the board folded like a cheap suit. On June 30, the board passed 9 to 4 votes to provide Hannah Jones with tenure faculty positions.

According to a CBS interview with Hannah Jones, she rejected the position because she opposed the fact that some members of the board opposed the massive fraud she committed. All this white supremacy is unbearable. She may realize that many people will follow her activities very closely, and it is likely that she will spend more time defending her “academic” and “pedagogical methods” instead of carrying out left-wing propaganda.

Never be afraid, because her landing is very Washington post:

Journalists Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates will join Howard University’s faculty and staff. School officials announced on Tuesday that the private institution in the country’s capital had achieved a major recruitment victory. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill lost her after a long and controversial recruitment effort to recruit Hannah Jones and also suffered setbacks.

This surprising development occurred less than a week after the trustees of UNC-Chapel Hill voted to grant Hannah-Jones a term. Initially, public universities hired her as a professor, but she did not have a job protection status. But after faculty and students in Chapel Hill protested her abuse, the board of directors approved her term on Wednesday.

Hannah Jones will now assume the new position of the Knights Chair of Race and Journalism at Howard, beginning this summer at the historic black university in Washington.

Hannah-Jones will also establish a journalism and democracy center in Howard.She said it will be designed to train journalism students from a long-established black school “accurately and urgently [cover] Responding to the challenges of our democracy with clarity, suspicion, rigor and historical dexterity, which are often missing in today’s journalism. “

Coates is an award-winning writer known for his work on topics such as race and white supremacy. He will become a resident writer at the university’s faculty of liberal arts and will serve as the Sterling Brown chair of the English Department. He said in an interview that he plans to teach creative writing courses next year.

Therefore, Hannah-Jones will now lead a “Journalism and Democracy Center”, which will undoubtedly adopt a 501c3 structure to accept major corporate donations. She will be on the same campus as Ta-Nehisi Coates, who is also a racial liar, and you can bet you will start to see similar, although less light is attracted by the Howard University position.

It’s too early to say, but Hannah Jones’ flight from Chapel Hill to Washington makes me think it’s a good thing. It formalized the Balkanization of what she taught. She is not the life chairman of a famous university and can influence mainstream journalism, but is on the B-list, a school at best, and will soon wear her “central” golden handcuffs (this is not slavery Reference) Let her stay still. She seems to borrow the monologue of Satan in Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, “I would rather rule in hell and then serve in heaven.” In the future, if people with courage and wisdom do this, it will be easier to find her followers Prevent them from holding responsible positions in the industry and government. This is a sign of weakness in the CRT industry, and she has retreated from a high profile position to a lower risk position.

Final warning. In Hannah Jones’ Wikipedia resume, there is an entry, “From 2008 to 2009, Hannah Jones received a scholarship from the Institute of Advanced Journalism, which allowed her to go to Cuba to study Raul Castell Luo’s leadership of universal health care and Cuba’s education system.” In the late 1950s, when Cuban President Fulgencio Batista put Fidel Castro’s communism When the guerrillas were brought to justice, their revolution seemed to be over. They fled to the wasteland of Sierra Maestra, where they regrouped, reshaped themselves, and reignited conflict. Therefore, it is wise for us to continue to fight against Hannah Jones and her racism, lest we make the same mistake and end up selling the exiled used car.

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