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The battle for direction: the tendency to divide in the value alliance

IIn the value alliance of conservative CDU and CSU members, there is a tendency to split. As the newly elected state president Juliane Ried said at a plenary meeting in Pöttmes, the Bavarian Values ​​League left the Federal Association on Saturday.

In Baden-Württemberg, the state legislature almost completely announced its resignation in protest against the election of economist Max Ott as the new federal chairman, as Lieutenant Governor Oliver Kempf told the German News Agency. In a letter to the federal executive, it said: “The goals of the value alliance will no longer be achieved by the current federal executive.” The background is “the way to deal with racial and nationalist issues.” This runs counter to the conservative and economic liberalism of the members of the state legislature.

Otter’s “poison” effect

In the Rhineland-Palatinate Value Alliance, the state committee resigned on Saturday night with immediate effect. “We will resign from the WertUnion eV Association soon,” the former chairman Peter Scholze announced. The reason is that Auto has a “toxic” influence on the perception and acceptance of value alliances. There is also a rampant “bunker mentality” and the risk of radicalization. “In this case, from our point of view, goal-oriented political work in the sense of our founding philosophy has become impossible,” it said in Schultz and his two deputies and three evaluators. The statement said.

The Value Alliance sees itself as a representative of the conservatives in the alliance, but it is not an official party. At the end of May, Otter succeeded Alexander Mitsch of Heidelberg as chairman, who had previously announced his retirement. Within the Value League, Otter’s victory caused great controversy. The fund manager has been the chairman of the board of the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation, affiliated with AfD, until January 2021.

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