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The demolition of the ruins of a high-rise building in Florida is in preparation

So far, 24 victims have been recovered from the rubble of Champlain Tower.
Image: Reuters

According to the authorities, the part of the building that remained standing during the collapse was very unstable, and despite rescue operations, it had to be destroyed in an emergency. The number of victims has risen to 24, and 120 people are still missing.

NAfter a partial collapse of a residential area in Florida, the authorities are preparing to demolish the remaining part of the building as soon as possible.The governor said that despite the ongoing rescue operation, the ruins are very unstable and urgently need to be blown up Ron DeSantisDue to preparations for demolition, the search for buried residents in the 12-story residential area was stopped on Saturday afternoon.

This should happen on Sunday, because the tropical storm is approaching the foothills. The Mayor of Miami-Dade District, Daniella Levine Cava (Daniella Levine Cava) said: “We are still confident that the demolition work will be completed before the storm.” It is predicted that the foothills of Tropical Storm Elsa may be Strong winds and heavy rain were triggered on Monday night.

The search speed is painfully slow

On Saturday, the emergency services found two more bodies in the rubble, bringing the number of victims to 24. More than 120 people remain unaccounted for, but it is not clear how many people were in the Surfside building near Miami at the time of the accident.

On June 24, this complex of about 130 residential units collapsed due to unknown reasons. The unstable ruins of the building pose a permanent threat to rescuers, and the building will collapse through targeted explosions in order to expand rescue operations again. However, demolition also poses risks to potential survivors of the rubble. After the collapse, detection dogs, special cameras, hearing instruments and heavy equipment were used to search for victims around the clock.

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