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When Jazz Jennings declared on Instagram that “Trans is beautiful”, her purple makeup was shaky

Sir Jennings turned into an amazing purple lady in her latest social media post.

The 20-year-old LGBT rights activist was on Instagram on Saturday Share a new selfie You can see her dangling purple eye makeup, matching the color of her sleeveless shirt.

“Our lips are sealed,” Jennings added a series of colorful heart-shaped emojis and a label to the post, which read “The trans is beautiful.”

Many fans quickly flooded her posts with positive messages. Some praised the appearance of the reality star in the photo, while others thanked her for inspiring many people.

“Pretty lady!! Purple [sic] The color on you is good,” one wrote.

“Eye makeup is everything!!! Stay beautiful,” another said.

“Absolutely amazing. Your story helped my own little daughter accept who she is. Thank you for being so brave,” a third user commented.

This is not the first time Jennings has uploaded a selfie showing the makeup that matches the outfit.Earlier this week, she also shared A photo of her wearing light blue eye makeup It matches her necklace and her white and blue top.

At that time, many fans praised her, saying that blue looks good on her. Others praised how gorgeous she looked in the snapshot.

Meanwhile, Jennings recently Revealed her gender confirmation surgery To her online fans. She shared a photo taken on a hospital bed on the day she underwent transgender bottom surgery in 2018.

“Three years ago to today, on June 26, 2018, I underwent a life-changing surgery. Since I can express my thoughts, this gender confirmation surgery is what I have dreamed of…Seeing me since then It’s incredible how far I have traveled. Thank you for following my story and supporting me in my journey,” she wrote in the title.

Jennings’ hip surgery was actually recorded in her reality TV series “I’m a Jazz”, recently Renew Season 7. TLC has not announced the exact premiere date of the next one, but it is expected to air later this year.

Pictured: Jazz Jennings attends NYLON’s Annual Young Hollywood Party on Los Angeles Boulevard in Hollywood, California on May 22, 2018. He played the leading role in TLC’s “I Am a Jazz”.
Photo: Getty Images/Tommaso Drown

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