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The BLM account says the person flying the American flag is a racist, maybe a stupid person – RedState

What does the American flag represent? Who else?

according to “The fate of black people is also the fate of the Utah Chapter” Facebook account, The answer is ugly.

On July 4, it spoke on behalf of the African American people:

“When we African Americans saw this flag, we knew that the people who hoisted it were not safe nearby.”

Further study:

“When we saw this flag, we knew that the person who hoisted it was a racist.”


“When we saw this flag, we knew that the person flying the flag lived in a different United States from us.”

This is not only a question of prejudice, but also a question of wisdom:

“When we saw this banner, we questioned your IQ. We knew to avoid you. This is a sign of hatred.”

A commenter Offered, “I really hate how real this is…”

Another hoped that “this is not always the case.”

In response to critics, BLM Utah welcomes:

“Welcome, racist. We know you are very angry about the racist flag post. You will not be heard here.”

The account details racism:

“Racists fly that flag. A group of white supremacists did go to Philadelphia yesterday, and they all held that flag. Ask yourself why every racist wears that flag and flutters that flag? Because it is a symbol of hatred.”

“I wish I could say that it is a new symbol of hatred,” the account continued, “but that is not the case. This country has created genocide under this banner.”

The Utah chapter quotes January’s Chaos in the Capitol:

“[I] Like how the insurgents go to the page that tells us “respect the flag”, don’t you climb the walls of the Capitol and remove the American flag? Yes, you did it. On the day your uprising failed, didn’t you beat the police with them in Washington with the American flag? Yes, you did it. “

Did they do it?

“Don’t you change the colors of the flag to accommodate any false narratives you promote today? Yes, you are. You are breaking the American flag code every day.”

BLM Utah clearly stated its rejection:

“We will not swear allegiance to that flag. We will not support the national anthem. We will not respect a piece of cloth that you respect more than black life. We will not be quiet. We will not back down.”

Laziness was razed to the ground:

“We will not leave a country established by our ancestors because your ancestors are too lazy to do their own work. Don’t tell us to go back to Africa. You can go back to Europe directly because you are on the stolen land.”

In another article, the account involved allegations of hate, provide“You have hatred. You have receipts.”

Of course, anyone can create a Facebook account. Does this page represent any official chapter of Black Lives Matter?

For more information, we go to Salt Lake City Tribune:

Lex Scott, the founder of Black Lives Matter Utah, said she knew these posts would elicit a reaction.

“The purpose of this post is to make everyone uncomfortable,” Scott said. “The American flag has been taught to us since birth to represent freedom, life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Scott said the photo of the Patriot Front, a far-right organization carrying the American flag through Philadelphia on Saturday, angered her. The march was interrupted by anti-protesters, who drove them away.

“Patriot Front” each This Southern Poverty Law Center, Is “a white nationalist hate group that broke away from the American Vanguard after the deadly’Unity Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017.”

A video about the group website It showed a billboard saying “Black people’s fate is fate” with a slogan on it that read: “America is not America. Now we can only rely on ourselves.”

Lex told forum, “They are flying the American flag. The Ku Klux Klan is flying the American flag. … They climbed up to the Capitol after the failure of the uprising and beat the police with the American flag. I did not hear Republicans or the right to use the American flag. Any anger as a symbol of hatred. We see this symbol being used in the message transmission of every racist hate group in the country.”

Ol’Glory will certainly not get the love it once had.

Singer Messi Gray’s Ready to change:

As you may know, Gwen Berry, who is about to represent the United States in the Olympics, recently declined Military) star badges and armbands.

She responded to critics this way:

Back to Black Lives Matter Utah, it attacked the chattering snake:

“You are the ones who refuse our work and housing. You spray Micro-attack In our workplace. You introduce us in the store. You repeat the negative stereotype of us. Then you propose your symbolic black friend and say “I am not a racist, my best friend is a black” to forgive your ignorance. Stop talking. We don’t teach hatred, we spread reality, and reality is bitter on your forked tongue. Swallow. …And realize that you are the problem. “

“You will feel that hegemony is dying,” it speculated. “You are scared. You are terrified. Because since you stole us from our home in Africa, you have treated people of color as a permanent lower class. .”

Black Lives Matter Utah — or at least Lex Scott — has its own tongue:

“You are afraid of losing your right to discriminate without consequences. I can taste your fear and it tastes good.”

One unpalatable thing: the disunity of the United States.

In my opinion, if we cannot agree to appreciate our country’s symbol as a country, then our country is destined not to become a country.

How do we return to “a country under God”?

No matter what the right path is, I guess it is not currently under our feet.


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