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The creepy Joe did that weird whisper again-RedState

we Report Last week, when Joe Biden answered questions about his infrastructure bill to reporters, how did he do this strange and creepy whisper. He was almost yelling now suddenly, and then seemed to be listening to a whisper for no reason, which was strange.

He’s here again today-leaning over and whispering-when he visited La Crosse, Wisconsin to push his infrastructure bill, he touted it as “Investing for generations.Translation: We will pay for this for a long time.

“I think it’s time to cut taxes for ordinary people,” Biden whispered, leaning against his side with a clown smile. “The rich have a good life. I’m serious. I’m serious.” Then he stood up again, suddenly becoming very loud. “When what we give to the super-rich is called a tax break, why isn’t it a tax break for working-class people?”

In addition to being creepy, Biden once again has problems with the basic facts. President Donald Trump provided tax relief to 82% of middle-income earners. Most Americans benefit from Trump’s tax cuts.

We have people who give us tax cuts. Now that we have this person, he will eventually levy more taxes on most of us, and has made everything more expensive through inflation, and at the same time tells us that the tax hammer will fall on the “rich”. I’m sorry, guys, but we all think it’s important.

Biden also criticized global warming, According to the caller of the day.

“The temperature in Portland, Oregon is 116 degrees,” Biden exclaimed. “One hundred and sixteen degrees! But don’t worry, there is no global warming. It does not exist-it is a fiction of our imagination. Seriously.”

The media did not seriously consider how much Biden’s proposal would cost us if it passed or nailed him in the ever-rising border crisis and rising prices. Instead, the media managed to inquire about his ice cream options in Wisconsin and stated that attention.

Biden was asked if he wanted to order a “rough road” “This is a rough road, but we will finish it,” he declared, and then ordered strawberries with biscuits and cream. No comment on how bad he ordered two scoops like President Donald Trump did.

Biden also talked to the young girl again.

Either he didn’t have a memo to stop the creepy thing, or he was just doing it. Either way, plus lying, it’s not pretty.

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