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The Democrats decided not to even try to follow their own mask decree-RedState

A few days ago, CDC took action to restore mask requirements, including for vaccinated individuals. The next shoe to be dropped will be a variety of dark blue fortresses, from Congress to the cities led by the Democratic Party, to assume this responsibility and re-execute the task.

Nancy Pelosi Take the lead By ordering the Congressional Police to arrest any non-congressman who does not wear a mask in the lobby of the House of Representatives (only because it would be unconstitutional).Because nothing is really important, but she quickly Broke her own law.

However, Pelosi is not finished yet. Then she broke it again on the floor of the House.

But wait, there is more. She broke it again because the members gathered together and were annoyed by their failure to pass the new moratorium.

There are two possibilities here. Either the virus was dormant the moment Pelosi decided to give up the mask, or it was all meaningless drama. I will let you decide which is more likely. In fact, I don’t think this is really meaningless drama. Pelosi knew that the new authorization was not based on scientific reality. She knows that almost everyone in the building has been vaccinated, and the few who are not infected are almost certainly infected with COVID and enjoy natural immunity. However, she will do it anyway, because she knows that she will be bombarded and retire in 2022. In order to anger the Republicans, every bridge on her way out was burned down.

In any case, Pelosi is not the only person in Washington who spit on his mission. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser recently issued a call for people to wear masks in her city. Since yesterday, she has also formulated a new mask regulation. Well, now we know why she set it to start two days after the initial announcement.

Obviously, Bowser believes that once Dave Chapel starts telling jokes, the virus will enter a dormant state. Therefore, she can postpone the new mask mission long enough to ensure that she can take some good photos with the famous comedian without an ugly cloth on her face.

You see, the royal family does not have to abide by their own rules. On the other hand, you must obey or risk becoming an anti-science murderer who wants to infect others. Are you beginning to understand how this all works?

Instead, you can tell these people to go jump in the lake. This may be the best option.

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