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The emergence of President Biden’s G-7 and NATO has restored the United States’ reputation as a trusted partner of its allies. In contrast, Trump’s arrogant and incompetent presence on the world stage embarrassed the United States. He embraced Putin and Kim Jong Un in a bizarre brotherhood alliance, and challenged Putin to the integrity of our intelligence community in Helsinki. Biden announced that “America is back.” World leaders watched and heard the President of the United States expressing themselves with dignity, knowledge, and compassion. They were relieved. This rude, arrogant and divided former president should not be missed.

President Biden was praised for his message to our allies at the G-7 and NATO meetings this week. He is assuring democracies around the world that American democracy is strong and has survived an attempted takeover by the abhorrent dictator Donald Trump, and that “America is back” and the global alliance of our country’s common values Part.

President Biden’s visual image of friendly and quiet power among world leaders at the Cornwall summit delightfully deviates from Trump’s aggressive, arrogant, and anxious energy. The New York Times reported that French President Emmanuel Macron stated that “it’s great to have an American president joining the club and willing to cooperate.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Giving Joe Biden the presidency will not solve all our problems,” but now the group can solve these problems with real “enthusiasm.” “

The New York Times also reported on the agreement proposed in the communiqué by global leaders. Some of them are;

  • A joint confrontation against the actions of Russia and China, “made Beijing fascinated by its internal suppression, vowed to investigate the origin of the pandemic, and condemned Moscow for using nerve agents and cyber weapons.
  • Global minimum tax treaty
  • Support democratic ideals
  • An agreement dedicated to vaccinating the world
  • An agreement to take action against China’s forced labor practices in the agriculture, solar, and clothing industries
  • Amend international tax laws to prevent multinational companies from seeking tax havens

Despite the feeling of “goodwill and unity” among the leaders of the G7, the catastrophic turmoil of the Trump era has shaken people’s confidence in American stability. People are worried about how the agreement in the communiqué will be implemented, most obviously because Trump has inserted divisive and “false populism” into American politics. However, the summit headed by Biden “views the West as an ideological competitor to more and more authoritarian countries.” Biden expressed his optimism about the “return” of the United States to his colleagues in the Group of Seven. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Biden a “breath of fresh air.”

In contrast, at the guard of honor ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in 2018, Trump walked in front of Queen Elizabeth, and then pushed aside the visual memory of Montenegrin leader Dusco Markovic at the NATO summit in 2017 still reminded With his sickness, the disgusting arrogance on the world stage during his presidency. In addition, at the 2018 summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, he accepted the Russian leader’s statement on Russia’s non-interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Trump once let the world hear this famous sentence in front of the camera, “President Putin said that this is not Russia. I don’t understand why this is the case.” The anger of the two parties swept the United States because of hearing the US president and the historical enemy of American democracy. Views of the US intelligence community.

The former Republican CIA Director John Brennan said that Trump and Putin are allied against U.S. intelligence. “This is simply a traitor.” Senator John McCain said: “In the face of tyrants, no previous president is more objective. Demean yourself.” Even the epic Trump flattering Senator Lindsey Graham called the statement “missed an opportunity to hold Russia accountable for the 2016 intervention”. Senate leader Chuck Schumer accurately described Trump’s comments in Helsinki as “strengthening our opponents and weakening the defenses of us and our allies.”

Another embarrassing diplomatic mistake was his desperate repeated meetings with Kim Jong Un. He used North Korea’s denuclearization as an excuse to promote the importance of these meetings to our country because, in Trump’s words, “Kim and I have a very good relationship.” These meetings brought Kim Jong-un to the world stage. Legality, that is, meeting with the President of the United States without prior agreement and concessions. What the United States gains from these meetings is to watch our president be treated as a fool before the world. His desperate pursuit of the Nobel Peace Prize prompted Trump to meet with Kim. The award that Obama won will always be one of many reminders that Trump will never surpass Barack Obama as an individual or President of the United States.

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