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The friend said in a written confession that Gates “paid the price for having sex with minors”

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz paid for having sex with multiple women and an underage girl, His friend Joel Greenberg wrote in a letter written at the end of 2020. This letter was written to ensure the safety of Greenberg, and then under federal prosecution, then President Trump amnesty. Daily Beast Jose Paleri and Roger Solenberg wrote that Roger Stone was the middleman and instructed Greenberg to write down his confession.

“More than once, this man had sex with several other girls, congressmen from Florida’s first congressional district, and me,” Greenberg wrote when referring to the 17-year-old girl.

“From time to time, some of these girls are paid gas money or gifts, rent or part of their tuition fees, including individuals who are not yet 18. I have witnessed these behaviors with my own eyes. Venmo transactions, cash applications, or other payments are on behalf of members of Congress. What these girls said.”

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