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What is Snapchat? -NogenTech blog for online technology, marketing techniques, gadget reviews

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Snapchat It is an American multimedia messaging application developed by Snap Inc.The platform is a simple photo sharing application, mainly for teenagers and young people who are obsessed with screens. Disappeared message Functionality, which is the key attraction that makes this application popular.

Most brands are reluctant to use Snapchat to promote their business, mainly because of its main characteristics, Disappeared message. Honestly, you can’t blame them because they are confused about how this app really benefits them.

If you think from their perspective, why should you invest your time and money on a post that will disappear within a day?

But the days when this app was only used to share pictures between your friends are over. Since its release in 2011, Snapchat has grown exponentially. With the introduction of new features, the platform has become an indispensable tool for increasing business.

Key factors to consider

Snapchat may not be suitable for all types of businesses.If your focus is Generation Z As your target market, this application is your best choice for developing your brand.If your target consumer group is between 10 years old, this platform is the most practical marketing channel 13 to 34.

In addition, we believe that older people may adapt to this platform in the next few years.

Why use Snapchat?

The platform has continued to evolve over the past few years, bringing new features such as story, This will disappear after 24 hours, and at the same time Find, Which allows brands to promote their content.

According to statistics, there are 265 million Daily active users (Daily active users), and above 5 billion Snapshots are created every day.Is expected to exceed $1 trillion The direct consumption power will be in the hands of Generation Z and Millennials. Only in the U.S., 75% People aged 13 to 34 use this application.

Recently, Snapchat has surpassed Milestone of 60 million users in India!

By observing these numbers, you can easily understand why Snapchat is the best model for business development. Congratulations! You have found another excellent marketing medium to reach your customers. However, if you have never used this app, it may be overwhelming.

This article will show you 8 major marketing strategies Use Snapchat to grow your business.

1. Share the story

After creating your Snapchat account, please ensure your active status by frequently posting content. The easiest way is to share stories about your products.Publish such a story will Remind your customers Regarding your brand, keep it fresh.

The key is to be consistent and straightforward. If there are many stories, people tend to skip stories. Therefore, publishing stories about four times a day and updating them every 5 hours will bring you good results. This process will prevent the story from being skipped and your participation will be high.

2. Promote user-generated content

Another great way to increase interaction with your followers is to promote content created by your followers. Ask users to send photos and videos of their use of your product. Republishing this content in your story will increase your business exposure.

Like this, you can also set challenges from time to time to ask them to perform a simple task with your product, and you can reward the winner with a certain number of gift cards or vouchers or anything like that.

3. Involving celebrities or influencers

The following marketing strategies to increase engagement and followers are carried out with the help of celebrities and influencers. Since these people have a stable following, you can easily use their influence. By letting influencers take over your account, you can spread your brand to a wider user area.

You may need to pay the influencers for the services they provide by offering them a commission or a certain percentage of sales. If you have a common interest or agreement in branding, then you don’t have to worry about paying them.

4. Link your account to other media platforms

Linking your Snapchat account with other social media platforms is the easiest way to attract more users for your brand. Many platforms will allow you to do this.The only thing you need to do is copy the link to your Snapchat account and paste it into biological The part of the social media application you need.

You can find biological Part of Edit profile Options in your application. Think about how much traffic you can generate if you adopt this strategy! Make sure you haven’t modified the link to your account in any way. If the link you entered is wrong or damaged, other users will not be directed to your account.

5. Provide promotional codes and discounts

The main goal of your business is to create profit. You can generate the desired results by generating sales. What motivates customers to buy something?

When customers have to pay less than the actual price of the product, they are incentivized.

When you don’t have any relevant content to share, the best approach is to provide a certain percentage of discounts and discounts. This step is a good way to increase your sales to a certain limit.

6. Provide exclusive access

Being treated as a VIP is undoubtedly a special or happy feeling. But in fact, most of us cannot experience this feeling. Suppose you are participating in a promotion; you can share some exclusive content or behind-the-scenes in the story.

You can also choose a group of followers, let them experience your product first, let them experience the VIP treatment. This type of story will increase your participation because it makes them unique and is a good publicity.

7. Share relevant content

The snapshots you share can’t just revolve around your brand. Using this platform, you can show your followers what your company or brand knows about them. But this does not mean that you should share random content from side to side. Before you put things there, always do your research and think twice.

You can always talk about donating to various charitable organizations or any other type of social participation to make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

To avoid trouble, we recommend that you do not share content that involves religion, politics, race, or actually any other controversial issues. Once the damage is caused, the impact is irreversible.

8. Interact with your followers

The most important way to increase brand value is to maintain a good relationship with fans. Users receive messages or replies from your business indicating that you care about your followers.

You can communicate with your followers instantly Direct message (DM) When followers respond to your story.

in conclusion

Snapchat has become an inevitable part of marketing site. This is an application that is underestimated or underestimated by many people because they don’t know its potential. Only a few people realize that this is not just an app, but an untapped growth panacea.

If your business does not have a Snapchat account, now is the time to create one. Even if you are new to Snapchat or trying to upgrade your Snapchat game, we are sure that the strategies shown above are the most realistic and practical strategies you can use.

We hope this article is helpful to you. Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.

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