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The massive and disturbing expansion of Capitol Police across the country-Red State

The Capitol is still blocked and closed to Americans. One must ask why.

Democrats will try to use a special committee to “investigate” the three-hour-long Capitol riots, continue their efforts to connect Republicans to the incident, and attack them by 2022.

All this is disturbing.

But now there are some things that may be more disturbing, because there is clearly the possibility of abuse.

According to the New York Times, The U.S. Capitol Police announced that they now plan to expand their operations outside of Washington “starting with the opening of field offices in California and Florida,” but the plan is to open “a few other regional offices.” Their spokesperson said they need to monitor and promptly investigate threats against lawmakers.

The New York Times tried to prove this by saying that the Secret Service had field offices elsewhere. But the Secret Service has multiple tasks, including not only protecting protected persons such as the president or vice president, but also investigating criminal acts against the US financial infrastructure. They are also part of the executive branch and are subject to review and FOIA.

The Congressional Police are basically just saying that we will expand this police power on a large scale without any review or even voting in Congress. They are completely controlled by Congress (translation: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at this time). We have seen how they can answer by simply refusing, because they can answer the basic question of who killed Ashli​​Babbitt. When they disperse and start investigating people across the country, how do we think this will work? As we have seen in Babbitt’s case, they are also not subject to FOIA.

So basically there will be a police force controlled by the Democratic Party, without any ability to demand its transparency to investigate “threats” to members of Congress and provide them with “security.” Who will determine what a “threat” is, and do you think they will investigate it? Three guesses. It will not be BLM or Antifa that poses a constant threat to government entities. It basically investigates people they consider to be “extremists” (translation: right wing in their minds). Has anyone else seen a potential problem here?

The Congressional Police are controlled by Congress and should mainly protect Congress in Washington, DC. The responsibility for protection of members of Congress when they return to their hometown is mainly the responsibility of local law enforcement or other federal law enforcement agencies. Therefore, this is a huge subversion of the process. why? Why now?Now dispatching government workers Go door to door to push people to get vaccinated. We are going to a very worrying place.

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