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The media expressed concern that Attorney General Merritt Garland may keep Trump and Barr from prosecuting crimes committed. Will he make the same mistakes many Democrats make? Poor performance in seeking justice out of concerns about optics? Will he fail, like Robert Mueller, who found 6 crimes of obstruction of justice and did not file charges? While Republicans are lying, hypocritical and illegal, Democrats are playing weak politics.

Since taking office, Attorney General Merritt Garland (Merritt Garland) has made multiple decisions that have made Democrats and the media doubt whether he will conduct investigations and allow investigations against Donald Trump, William Barr, and Trump. All other former members of the government filed federal charges. offense. In recent weeks, Garland DOJ ruled on a lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll, which accused Trump of defamation because he responded to her claim that he raped her in a New York department store in the 1990s. It is said that Trump’s actions occurred during the presidency and therefore cannot be prosecuted. The so-called attack occurred decades before he became president.

Garland’s DOJ also blocked the release of the DOJ memo written in 2017 that summarized the findings of the Mueller report. The memo was ordered to be made public by Judge Aimee Berman, on the grounds that Barr seriously misrepresented the findings of the Ministry of Justice’s investigation in Russia. Garland is taking actions consistent with the issue of protecting Americans’ rights and freedoms, and these actions are restoring the integrity of the Department of Justice and its constitutional role. However, he took no action against many of the violations of law and ethics committed by Barr and Trump.

Garland issued a general statement announcing his commitment to prosecute offenders, no matter who they are. He listed the insurgents who attacked the Capitol and the white supremacist terrorist organization as the targets of the Justice Department’s investigation. However, what about Barr’s countless acts of corruption to defend Trump’s autocratic and dishonest attacks on democracy?

Besides, what about Trump?

  • Accused as an accomplice in the campaign finance crime in which his lawyer Michael Cohen was jailed for the crime?
  • Trump was charged with six charges of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, and Mueller said he may be prosecuted after leaving office
  • Lying in his writing, lying when testifying under oath to Special Counsel Robert Mueller
  • Deliberately make false statements about the dangers of COVID-19 to the American people and discourage people from wearing masks to protect themselves
  • Violating the salary clause to seek the presidency

Legal and political experts are pressing Garland to hold anyone in the previous government who violated the law by pursuing power and self-improvement during their tenure. No matter who is trying to hold Trump accountable for his corruption, he will call them partisan witch hunters. Most people know that this is his tired defensive narrative which means he is guilty.

Millions of Americans and the severely impaired Department of Justice hope Merritt Garland will understand that ignoring the crimes committed by the previous administration will not cure the country. In addition, it will not prevent future political enemies of the Constitution from trying again to destroy American democracy and replace it with autocracy.

Published by Rebecca Sper

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