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The media is embarrassed by their drooling choice of ice cream in Biden, Michigan-RedState

As we reported earlier, During his stay in Michigan, Joe Biden went to the King Orchards Farm Shop to buy some pies to sell his infrastructure plans.

There, he was asked about large-scale ransomware attacks, and he claimed that “we don’t know yet” whether the Russians were involved. Because if he admits that they probably did it, he has to admit that his warning to Vladimir Putin was a huge failure. Putin tested him, and he failed because Putin was not held accountable. But even for a short answer to the question of the attack, Biden had to turn to the card for help. It just shows how far he has gone.

The reporter who asked this question did not notice how crazy it was to pull out the note card to answer this question. The media did not even report it as a problem. They focus on the important things. Just like the pies and ice cream he ordered in Michigan.

When he arrived at Moomers ice cream, they all participated and got the flavor and two spoons.

He really pushed the ice cream to his face, and one of the agents looked like “really?” He might hope he wouldn’t choke him because of the way he eats it.

Imagine, if it were President Donald Trump, what would they do with that lens of eating ice cream? We will hear what a greedy pig he is. Now it is just likable.

Even if that picture is not available, please note how different the Biden ice cream report is from Trump’s report. At the time, Trump wanted two scoops as evidence of his selfishness and naivety.

However, it must be abandoned for this hero.

Now, I understand that their mission is to provide this guy with softball and eliminate all negative influences, present him as a happy, non-threatening old guy, he only eats ice cream and loves everyone. But this is getting more and more awkward. This is not news, this is shorthand. This is a press release written for the old man. Your job should be to question and hold those in power accountable, not a Democratic agent. You should all be ashamed of yourself.

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