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The most disgusting and ridiculous July 4th incident occurred-RedState

independence Day It’s on us. Across the country, millions of Americans will gather to celebrate the sacred pastime of barbecues, eating too much food, and spending time with their families. For ordinary people, this is a day of celebration, pride and remembrance. They set off fireworks and fluttered the national flag to thank them for the great privilege of living in the United States.

However, for the growing factions in the country, July 4th represents a certain evil and sinister. They tried to capture the imperfect founding of the country and destroy it to the point where it could not be repaired.Therefore, you will get absolutely disgusting and absurd views, as shown below, this one comes from Elected member of parliament.

Remember, this is a poor-born member of the House of Representatives who gained fame through her activism and was elected to public office by voters in Missouri. If anyone can represent the incredible privilege that all Americans enjoy in improving their basic level, it is Bush. However, she did not show any gratitude, but declared that only white people can enjoy the freedom represented by July 4th.

Of course, when you challenge people to explain themselves with this attitude, they will never do it. What freedom does Bush lack? Ask this question and you will most likely end up being called a racist. Objectively speaking, black people are absolutely free in this country. Although they are often rejected, the fact that we have a black president proves this point.

This is not to say that everyone has the same starting point, but no matter where they are, this is true throughout human history. You cannot demand fairness in everything. This is an impossible, utopian pursuit, which will ultimately only plunge everyone into pain and poverty.

In addition, the word freedom has practical meaning. For example, not being rich does not mean that you lack the freedom to become rich. However, people like Bush try to define freedom in terms of concrete results rather than freedom of opportunity. This is stupid, because it ignores that people have initiative, and the moment you deprive people of initiative, you deprive them of what they call freedom.

Finally, her assertion that the land was “stolen” is extremely lacking in context and requires an illogical narrow view of history. Since humans have walked on the earth, people have been “stealing” the land. When the Europeans arrived, every Native American tribe that owned land had stolen land from others. The acts of war and conquest are not new things invented by “white people”. In this respect, the establishment of the United States has nothing unique. According to Bush’s standards, every country on the planet is evil and should not be celebrated.Is she really like that Be confused?

Regardless of the nuances, Bush gave the impression of a privileged and spoiled child. He could not shut up for a long time to observe some unity and special things. This is Independence Day. For this reason, she got her worst result on July 4th.

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