National Security Agency(National Security Agency) Denies allegations that it is engaged in espionage Fox News host Tucker Carlson Try to get his show to start.Carlson File the charges on Monday night.

“This allegation is untrue. Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the agency, and the National Security Agency has never had any plan to try to stop his plan from broadcasting,” the National Security Agency passed. Twitter Tuesday night.

“The National Security Agency has a foreign intelligence mission,” its statement continued. “We target foreign powers to gain insight into foreign activities that may harm the United States. With limited exceptions (such as emergencies), the National Security Agency may not target American citizens without a court order that clearly authorizes targeting.”

On Monday night’s radio show, Carlson said that a whistleblower told Carlson’s employees a story they were dealing with.

“[That information] Only direct text messages and emails from me. There is no other possible source of information, period,” Carlson said.

“The National Security Agency captured this information without our knowledge and did so for political reasons,” Carlson concluded. “The Biden administration is monitoring us. We have confirmed this.”

The National Security Agency said in a statement on Tuesday evening that it does not consider Tucker Carlson to be an “intelligence target” and has never tried to stop him from broadcasting, refuting the Fox News host’s statement.
Chip Somodevilla

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