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Biometric male recognition wins Miss Nevada for women – RedState

On Sunday, Kataluna Enriquez made history.

once again.

At the Miss Nevada pageant, the 27-year-old girl won the crown.

Just a few months ago, the beauty queen wore the headgear of Miss Silver State.

What’s the point of mopping the floor with other contestants?

Cataluna is a biological male.

Yahoo!news Pay attention to the time of winning on Sunday:

Just in time for the end of this year Pride month, Kataluna Enriquez gave everyone a new milestone to celebrate.

The contestants have been around for a while.

In 2016, she tried a transgender beauty pageant for the first time and eventually became the transgender queen of the United States.

runner up It is Fontasia of Mississippi (left) and Kylie Love of Georgia (right):

The State of Tennessee is represented by Garnet Rubio:

Gadfrie Arbulu tried DC:

No one else on the judges is the Republican candidate for governor of California. Caitlin Jenner:

each Yahoo!On the road to victory, Kataluna conquered more than just the runway.

However, Enriquez’s achievements surpassed her title of beauty pageant. From modelling to designing her own dress (she wore like a real queen when competing for the Miss Nevada title), to becoming a healthcare administrator and human rights advocate, she did it all.

Most importantly, as Miss Silver State, Kataluna launched the #BEVISIBLE campaign.

As Miss Silver State said Instagram Page, #BEVISIBLE “Fighting hatred through loopholes”.

“As survivors of physical and sexual abuse and proud transgender women of color, [Kataluna] Aims to break down barriers and represent those who are not always represented, and continue to support numerous non-profit organizations and LGBTQ+ youth. “

The past few years have been significant for biological male identification as female.

Victoria’s Secret welcomes underwear models in 2019 Valentina Sampaio:

Last year, Valentina Made Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue:

Three years ago, Playboy laid the foundation:

And in 2018, Miss Universe saw the contestants Angel Ponce pounce:

So what’s next for Cataluna? If advocates are crowned Miss America on November 9, then the Miss Universe pageant will usher in the second biological male.

The second one is fine, but maybe the first one is better-Miss Nevada likes to be unique.

against Las Vegas Review Cataluna made it very clear

“Personally, I understand that my differences do not make me smaller, but make me greater. My differences make me different, and I know that my uniqueness will take me to all destinations, and I Everything that needs to be experienced in life.”

Kataluna Enriquez is blazing a trail.

As Pride month Become more prominent-and with Joe Biden’s The transgender policy has a firm foothold-I expect there will be more popularity on this road.

Maybe it’s too hot, they will win the women’s beauty pageant.


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