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Attorney General Merritt Garland (Merritt Garland) stood up to defend democracy last week and filed a lawsuit with the Justice Department, accusing Georgia’s voters of repressive efforts. Every time Garland speaks, he reminds the former AG of how corrupt William Barr is. Barr repeatedly promoted Trump’s racism, autocracy and corruption. In order to control his tarnished reputation, he stood up and declared that Trump’s allegations of election fraud were “nonsense.” Garland is repairing the damage Trump and Barr have caused to the Justice Department’s reputation, but will he conduct criminal investigations into their corruption?

Former Attorney General William Barr, like many of Trump’s colleagues, had their careers and personal reputations destroyed by the alliance with the former president, and he is trying to distance himself from the corruption taint he preached. He now publicly declares that he has always believed that Trump’s claim that the election was fraudulent and stolen is “nonsense.” It is gratifying to see Barr twisting to save himself, and many other officials who have opposed democracy through alliances with Trump.

Barr is the person recently targeted by Trump for telling lies and the truth about corruption. Any Republican who does not support Trump’s delusional propaganda will be labeled as a “rhino”, that is, a “nominal Republican.” In Trump’s malignant narcissistic mind, the Republican Party is defined as someone who agrees with every word he says and supports every action he takes. Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, was right when he named his book about Trump, Infidelity. Since Trump became president, we have witnessed him go from loving, hugging, and admiring someone to publicly retaliating against them if they disagree with him, or just vote or speak their conscience. The intense psychological fear of becoming Trump’s ruthless target has caused elected officials of the Republican Party and their family members to show a dysfunctional loyalty, which undermines the integrity of our democracy.

The Department of Justice should be the law enforcement agency that represents the rule of law to protect the American people, not the president. Barr has always lied and defended Trump, partly because he believed in the absolute power of the president (dictatorship), and partly because he was corrupt and desperate for power. Now, Merritt Garland, the executor of morality, patriotism, and the rule of law, is the head of the DOJ and is beginning to show commitment to the pursuit of justice, no matter who the investigation is.

Garland VS Barr, two very different men;

William Barr Put politics above justice, hinder congressional supervision and the legacy of making false statements to Congress and the media; (as described in POGO, 2020).

  • Distorted the criminal investigation results of the Mueller report and conveyed to Trump the false mantra of “no obstruction, no collusion”. This harmed the interests of the special counsel.
  • Obstruct congressional oversight by making false statements about Mueller’s investigation to the House of Representatives
  • Lie to the Senate about the Mueller investigation, obstructing congressional oversight
  • Prevent Congress from reviewing the complete Mueller report, thereby hindering congressional oversight, putting politics above justice, and undermining the special counsel
  • Lies that the U.S. government is monitoring Trump’s campaign
  • Mode intervention for fair prosecution
  • Politicized his office by intervening in the investigation of Trump’s criminal allies Roger Stone and Michael Flynn.
  • Participated in the decision to release tear gas on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park for Trump’s bible stunt
  • Misrepresentation regarding fraudulent postal ballots
  • Improper use of his office to help Trump’s re-election efforts
  • Urge state election officials to immediately review unsubstantiated allegations of voter violations at Trump’s urging

Attorney General Merritt Garland Action is being taken to restore compliance with the rule of law and to reintegrate ethics and ethics into the Ministry of Justice. His actions so far include:

  • Declaring that white supremacist domestic terrorism is the number one threat to American democracy and national security.
  • File a lawsuit with the Department of Justice to sue the state of Georgia for its efforts to enact voter suppression legislation
  • Pursuing the arrest and prosecution of the January 6 rebels who attacked the Capitol
  • Police departments committed to investigating violations of civil rights
  • Investigate government agencies that may adopt models or practices that deprive individuals of federal or constitutional rights
  • Prioritize criminal justice reform and reduce mass incarceration
  • Prioritize a full investigation of the January 6th Capitol Rebellion
  • Pledge to protect the independence of the Ministry of Justice from political influence

The differences between these people can be easily summarized. As the attorney general, Barr is a liar, opportunistic, anti-rule, authoritarian, and hooligan flatterer. As the current Attorney General, Garland is an independent, transparent, constitutionally responsible, patriotic, and ethical civil servant.

Thankfully, Trump lost!

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