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When Gareth Southgate silenced critics when he won in Germany, England expelled the ghosts of the past

United Kingdom On the way to the quarter-finals- Germany Going home.

Gareth SouthgateNot only did the team book their place in the last eight games of the European Cup, but they also began to rewrite the narrative of one of football’s most enduring confrontations.

So it’s not just talk. Before this game brings the inevitable huge disappointment to those with the Three Lions on their jerseys, more words.

We are told that this is a generation unaffected by the past.

This “New” England team is a team without fear. The shirt no longer presses heavily on their shoulders.

It’s easy to say-but for those of us who have seen all this before, we need some persuasiveness.

So it comes from, first of all, Raheem Sterling then Harry Kane Make sure that the remaining four or five minutes turn Wembley into a holiday, not a cauldron of anxiety.

But this is a performance that is not just a goal scorer.

This is about Southgate’s game plan-he boldly decided to name Bucayo Saka in his starting XI to elevate the crowd and shock the Germans.

It’s about Jordan Pickford’s two big saves and a match with Thomas Muller, seeing the German legend pull one-on-one, and thus hit the chance of a comeback.

This is about Luke Shaw, getting rid of Mourinho’s latest onslaught and continuing on his own path of redemption.

It’s also about Jack Greerish-stepping off the bench and turning things around.

There are heroes everywhere on the English court-supporting them in important places makes many others eat their words.

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