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The New Economics Podcast: How We Win The New Economy – Solving the Housing Crisis with Social Housing

Attention listeners: This episode was pre-recorded in September 2022.

The cost of living scandal could force 1.7 million households homeless this winter, according to charity Crisis Group. In the UK, we can no longer rely on social housing to protect people from rough sleeping or couch surfing. If you were alive in 1979, you had a 40% chance of living in affordable council housing. Today, that number is just under 8 percent.

What happened to all our parliament buildings? Did Thatcher’s right-to-buy policy cause the housing crisis we’re seeing today? How would our lives be different if we could rely on a warm, comfortable social home?

Aisha has joined Becky VinsonNEF Senior Organizer and Susannah Moonersecretary Social Housing Action Campaign (SHAC).

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