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The president’s assassins are “professional” mercenaries: the Haitian envoy

The President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, arrived in Quito, Ecuador on May 24, 2021, to participate in the inaugural speech of President Guillermo Lasso at Asamblea Nacional. (Photo by Franklin Jacombe/Getty Images)

Haiti’s ambassador to the United States said that “professional” mercenaries who assassinated the President of Haiti on Wednesday may have left the country, disguised as American agents.

Ambassador Bocchit Edmond said that the murderers appeared at the Presidential residence of Jovenel Moise as agents of the Narcotics Enforcement Administration, but their behavior was not consistent with the forces of the United States agency.

Edmund said:

This was a well-planned attack, and it was all professionals.

“We have a video and we believe those are mercenaries.”

He also said that Martin Moise, the first lady injured in the attack, will travel to Miami for treatment.

“I can tell you that starting this morning, we have made the necessary arrangements to transfer her to a hospital in Miami,” he said.

The ambassador said that the assassin’s whereabouts, motives and sources are being investigated, but said they speak Spanish to each other.

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He added that they may have left the country-possibly to the neighboring Spanish-speaking country, the Dominican Republic.

“We don’t know if they left,” he said.

He added:

If they are not in the country now, there is only one way for them to leave, and that is through the border, because there is no plane.

He said that the civil aviation authorities will find a private jet, but the movement across the border may go undetected.

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